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03/31/15 Sony Computer Entertainment America
04/09/15 Sony Computer Entertainment
04/01/15 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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MLB 15: The Show - Summary

The 10th edition of the franchise, MLB 15 The Show is a more immersive and exciting baseball experience than ever before with substantial improvements to both gameplay and graphics.

New features include:

  • Licensed Equipment – For the first time ever, partnerships from various brands will bring accurate bats, gloves, cleats, and batting gloves to the game.
  • Year-to-Year Saves – Users who purchased MLB 14 The Show will be able to continue their Franchise and Road to the Show progress in MLB 15 The Show.  Saves between the two releases will be forward-compatible, meaning you never have to worry about starting your Franchise or Road to the Show seasons over!
  • Universal Rewards – Simply playing the game earns Stubs that can be spent on licensed equipment, Road to The Show improvements, and virtual baseball cards.
  • Legends – We’re introducing 30 Iconic MLB Alumni into our virtual player card pool, 1 representative for each team. These players span every historic baseball era of the last 70 years. Like all of our Universal Rewards, you have a chance of finding a historic virtual player card to add to your collection and utilize throughout MLB 15 The Show.
  • Major Graphical Improvements – Graphically MLB The Show is introducing Real time seasonal sun and shadows, revamped night lighting, and enhanced player personality. To help make MLB 15 The Show is the most authentic baseball experience yet. (PS4 Only)
  • And that’s just the beginning. A new Radio Show, Directional hitting, vastly improved load times, and a completely overhauled Diamond Dynasty mode help MLB 15 The Show prove that Baseball Is Better.


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1 n/a 147,012 2,558 50,442 200,012
2 n/a 52,163 1,770 18,041 71,974
3 n/a 35,101 1,611 12,209 48,921
4 n/a 21,790 1,362 7,639 30,791
5 n/a 16,362 1,035 5,739 23,136
6 n/a 16,275 899 5,686 22,860
7 n/a 11,101 960 3,936 15,997
8 n/a 10,149 1,293 3,669 15,111
9 n/a 7,374 1,214 2,710 11,298
10 n/a 7,016 1,161 2,580 10,757
OneKartVita posted 20/01/2016, 03:23
MLB 15: The Show is slightly undertracked on here retail. But the significant thing is it's not overtracked so WW it actually has sold about 850k retail. With digital Sony will sell over 1m retail. PS3 + vita will be over 400k so that's close to 1.5m Ltd.

Sony will be very happy to have this. An annual 1.5m seller that's growing nicely on ps4.
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OneKartVita posted 18/11/2015, 06:22
I'd like them to sell publishing rights to 2k but would you like San Diego to keep developing it?
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PullusPardus posted 16/06/2015, 04:39
If they sell it, they should sell it to 2K studios. Not EA, EA is going to destroy it.
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Mr Puggsly posted 02/06/2015, 01:37
PS4 version had a better opening this year, but combined opening sales of PS3+PS4 is down.

I wouldnt be surprised if this IP gets sold. It doesent sell particularly great and Im sure a major publisher would like to make it multiplat.
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