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PS3, All

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04/04/17 Atlus
09/15/16 Atlus
04/04/17 Deep Silver

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Owners: 55
Favorite: 19
Tracked: 4
Wishlist: 2
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Persona 5 - Summary

The long-awaited next chapter of the award-winning Persona series that fans have been waiting for!

Persona 5 is a game about the internal and external conflicts of a group of troubled high school students – the protagonist and a collection of compatriots he meets in the game’s story – who live dual lives as Phantom Thieves. They have the typically ordinary day-to-day of a Tokyo high schooler – attending class, after school activities and part-time jobs. But they also undertake fantastical adventures by using otherworldly powers to enter the hearts of people. Their power comes from the Persona, the Jungian concept of the “self;” the game’s heroes realize that society forces people to wear masks to protect their inner vulnerabilities, and by literally ripping off their protective mask and confronting their inner selves do the heroes awaken their inner power, and use it to strive to help those in need. Ultimately, the group of Phantom Thieves seeks to change their day-to-day world to match their perception and see through the masks modern-day society wears.

Source: Atlus.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 267,588 n/a n/a 267,588
2 47,207 n/a n/a 47,207
3 21,330 n/a n/a 21,330
4 13,216 n/a n/a 13,216
5 8,269 n/a n/a 8,269
6 4,798 n/a n/a 4,798
7 3,423 n/a n/a 3,423
8 2,607 n/a n/a 2,607
9 2,184 n/a n/a 2,184
10 1,686 n/a n/a 1,686

Opinion (39)

-girgosz- posted 25/12/2018, 06:54
think-man: Try to think man. Those numbers are shipped + digital for PS4 and PS3 combined. These are estimates for the retail version of the PS4 version only.
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think-man posted 24/09/2018, 06:09
Under tracked. They reported 2.2 million in sales back in May.
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Mentore posted 08/06/2018, 02:02
I'll probably try the anime instead.
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Mentore posted 08/06/2018, 02:00
I guess this series isn't really for me, I just can't get into it just like in pokemon.
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sabby_e17 posted 21/02/2018, 06:05
This game deserves millions more in sales. It's this (and last) generation's best JRPG.
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Rob5VGC posted 02/09/2017, 05:07
1 million!
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