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バトルフィールド ハードライン





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PC, PS3, PS4, X360

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03/17/15 Electronic Arts
03/19/15 Electronic Arts
03/19/15 Electronic Arts

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Battlefield: Hardline - Summary

Inspired by modern TV drama, Battlefield Hardline™ is a playable cop show with twists and turns that'll keep you wondering what'll go down in the next chapter.

Seven Game Modes

Heist, Blood Money, Rescue, Crosshair, Hotwire, Conquest, Team Deathmatch. They're all unique, awesome, and waiting for you. Rescue and Crosshair are two modes ideal for competitive gameplay. Whether you're freeing hostages or protecting/attacking a VIP, you need to pack some serious skills for these ones.

The signature epic scope of the Battlefield franchise returns in Battlefield Hardline, letting you throw yourself into 64-player action where cops and criminals clash on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Join the boys in blue and take down perps using speedy cop cars and hi-tech gadgets, or raid vaults, steal cars, and pull off the perfect heist.

Four Unique Classes

There's a favorite class for everyone. Find out if yours is the Professional, Enforcer, Mechanic, or Operator. Or all four.

The Fastest Battlefield Ever

Spawn quickly, zip line to a waiting car, and floor it to your next objective. When it comes to vehicles, gameplay, and map design, the philosophy behind Battlefield Hardline has been to create the most thrilling, action-packed Battlefield ever.

One second you'll be wreaking havoc in Downtown LA - in the other fighting alongside swamps and gators in the Everglades.


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1 1,862 310,387 120,628 75,024 507,901
2 574 106,868 51,665 26,439 185,546
3 303 48,838 29,709 12,449 91,299
4 178 32,902 16,144 8,154 57,378
5 131 19,286 12,054 4,935 36,406
6 118 6,088 8,493 1,839 16,538
7 137 11,027 8,738 2,933 22,835
8 130 9,026 6,106 2,338 17,600
9 87 6,987 4,025 1,767 12,866
10 86 5,229 5,065 1,446 11,826
xboxonefan posted 26/11/2015, 11:38
1 million
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xboxonefan posted 26/11/2015, 11:38
1 million
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Mr Puggsly posted 30/07/2015, 01:48
Just finished the campaign today. Its actually pretty decent for a linear story driven campaign. Good story and stealth options keep the gameplay interesting.

Also, some of the best console graphics running 60 fps.
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darkenergy posted 05/03/2015, 11:35
I might get this game when it's cheaper, a departure from a military theme to a robbery - cop theme game looks interesting, also my first Battlefield game if I buy it.
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