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メタルギアソリッドV グラウンド・ゼロズ


Kojima Productions



Other Versions

X360, PS3, PS4, PC, All

Release Dates

03/18/14 Konami Digital Entertainment
03/20/14 Konami Digital Entertainment
03/20/14 Konami Digital Entertainment

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - Summary


METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES is the latest chapter in the iconic METAL GEAR series by game designer, writer, director, and producer Hideo Kojima. Based around the concept of creating a photorealistic, open stealth experience, GROUND ZEROES ushers the METAL GEAR series into the next generation of gaming.

Several months after the events of METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER, METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES takes place at a US facility in Cuba in 1975, Aside from the main story mission, the game also features several sub-missions known as Side-Ops, as well as multiple "trials" that can be attempted for extra challenge and a chance to compete in community Rankings and Leaderboards. Second screen device support also planned.


Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 39,010 32,793 10,487 82,290
2 n/a 11,438 11,720 3,201 26,359
3 n/a 5,781 6,062 1,626 13,469
4 n/a 3,530 3,563 984 8,077
5 n/a 2,703 2,894 764 6,361
6 n/a 1,372 1,538 392 3,302
7 n/a 752 1,623 261 2,636
8 n/a 846 1,061 248 2,155
9 n/a 1,047 1,562 322 2,931
10 n/a 1,014 1,630 320 2,964

Opinion (7)

Mr Puggsly posted 28/02/2015, 02:34
@fireburn95 - True, but its just a port. Its not like they had to rebuild all the assets for each platform. There is also sales from digital downloads.

These numbers aren't anything to brag about but I'd presume it made a small profit. Frankly, we can't expect great numbers on Xbox given MGS4 was only on PS4.
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fireburn95 posted 22/01/2015, 01:37
extra profit? It costs to make a game on each console
Message | Report
Goatseye posted 17/04/2014, 06:24
And that ladies and gentleman, is how you should treat paid demos.
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Mr Puggsly posted 09/04/2014, 08:06
MGS4 is only on PS3, so obviously that's where the audience is.

Regardless, the Xbox ports is just extra profit and I imagine relatively easy ports.

The MGS HD Collection seems to have done pretty well on the Xbox 360 over time.
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Dadrik posted 09/04/2014, 03:07
And that, ladies and gentlemen, proves why it's worthless to release former PS-exclusive games on an Xbox.
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thewastedyouth posted 05/04/2014, 05:05
what is going on with the sales, wut!!
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