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02/09/04 Nintendo
08/08/03 Nintendo
03/12/04 Nintendo

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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Summary

Join a Crystal Caravan!

A deadly miasma has swallowed the land and it's up to you to hold it at bay! Many dangers lie along your journey, but you need not face them alone. Enlist your friends in a crystal caravan and make your mark together in the Crystal Chronicles!

  • Face untold dangers as you unravel the mystery of the lethal miasma...
  • ...or connect your Game Boy Advance systems and journey alongside up to three friends. Fuse your abilities to form even more powerful attacks!
  • In multiplayer games, use your Game Boy Advance to control your character and view unique information on your own private game screen!

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1,300,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (22)

DieAppleDie posted 16/09/2012, 02:08
this game was great, great magical atmosphere
beautiffl water, crystal effects
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menx64 posted 01/07/2011, 08:45
I loved this game so much...
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JazzB1987 posted 28/04/2011, 09:44
Without the stupid CARRY AROUND THAT DUMB POT or whatever it was the multiplayer would have been great. In singeplayer that NPC thing carries it around why do you have to do it yourself in MP? Huge design fail
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Galvanizer posted 11/04/2011, 04:47
I loved the multiplayer on this. The GBA connectivity was amazing!
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Sunshine posted 14/03/2011, 10:49
Is it weird that I like the Crystal Chronicles series more than the main series?
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salaminizer posted 10/11/2009, 11:12
As there's no AI and only a Moogle with you, if you play alone (like I'm doing) it's MUCH worse than Ring of Fates. I knew it wouldn't be the best choice for singleplayer RPG, but I didn't know it would be so shallow in character progression. I suppose if I had researched better I wouldn't get it.
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