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10/01/94 Konami
09/15/94 Konami
01/01/94 Konami

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the SNES Sparkster title plays almost exactly the same as its Genesis predecessor, but refines it to create an even better game. This time, the little rodent is fighting against evil wolves, but otherwise the concept is much the same. Sparkster has a new move where he can fling himself forward in short bursts by pressing the L or R button. Rocket Knight Adventures was a little restrictive in its level designs - Sparkster has many more open levels that allow you play around with jetpack much more than its predecessor. The levels themselves are much more creative as well - one stage is themed after musical instruments (??) with gigantic pianos and trumpets that spew you into different parts of the level. The side-scrolling shmup sequences have been replaced with a single overhead shooter stage, which is still plenty of fun. Sparkster definitely benefits from the graphical prowess of the SNES - Sparkster's sprite looks much cooler than before, and background graphics are full of brilliantly vibrant colors, even if they don't rely on any gimmicky effects. The music is much better too, as Sparkster finally gets a "theme" music that's played at a few different spots in the game. There's still some annoying slowdown, but Sparkster still zooms with near unfathomable speed, negating any of those silly Sega "blast processing" ads. Though the game is only seven levels long, the easier difficulty settings cuts out some of the stages, and the password feature makes the adventure a bit more manageable than the Genesis original.

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MeowTheMouse posted 03/10/2007, 11:03
i love this game..
too bad i just knew about it few days ago and i think its awsome..
the worst thing the series had lots of potential but died too fast..
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ClaudeLv250 posted 02/10/2007, 10:21
I couldn't disagree with the summary more. I thought the original RKA was a much better game and its soundtrack is easily superior.
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