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08/03/04 Activision
08/12/04 CyberFront
08/13/04 Activision

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Doom 3 - Reviews

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Edge Print Magazine 7 out of 10 05th Jun 2011

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1,000,000 Units
As of: June 30th, 2005

Opinion (10)

soulfly666 posted 24/11/2014, 11:24
Not even close to as good as the first 2 but still amazing in its own right.
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Zkuq posted 23/08/2011, 07:09
I finally completed this game... And I loved it. At first I played in a very careful manner and it wasn't very fun. Then, however, after a rather long break from the game, I started playing in a more relaxed manner and that where this game really shines. I haven't had this much fun with a shooter since... Well, I don't even remember. If I had to guess, it would either be Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or the original Wolfenstein and Doom games :P
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yahoocom1984 posted 21/05/2011, 03:11
This game sold 4 million copies
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FaRmLaNd posted 16/04/2010, 03:21
Loved this game to death.

Its sold more then 2.23 million I believe.
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Shinlock posted 08/03/2009, 10:14
I enjoyed this game. if the Alpha labs were shorter and Hell was longer then it would of been close to perfect (oh a better final boss fight too :p).

Graphically it was ahead of its time, even today not many games do full dynamic lighting.
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_mevildan posted 28/10/2008, 07:26
One of my favourite games in 2004. Just beauitful graphics and sound. Gameplay was simple, true, but i was too busy drooling to be bored. HL2 didn't blow me away graphically. Weird poppy lighting system. Ropey characters. Doom had a cool Cg movie look. Just my opinion.
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