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04/05/16 Microsoft Studios
04/07/16 Microsoft Studios
04/05/16 Microsoft Studios

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1 3,105 97,482 80,817 26,138 207,542
2 778 27,875 28,694 7,809 65,156
3 400 14,764 14,325 4,084 33,573
4 352 11,650 8,728 3,068 23,798
5 314 10,349 5,920 2,615 19,198
6 200 9,296 3,452 2,237 15,185
7 162 6,317 3,386 1,583 11,448
8 127 5,807 3,144 1,457 10,535
9 127 5,379 1,907 1,289 8,702
10 122 4,302 2,799 1,108 8,331

Opinion (76)

darkenergy posted 20/03/2017, 06:11
@king lol no one said this was the "Uncharted killer" what the hell are you talking about? No we actually do play other games those 3 main Xbox games are the most popular similar to Mario, zelda is to the Nintendo consoles. Also there are concerns regarding those canned new IP's so that was inevitable. Think before speaking nonsense.
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kingdevil999 posted 16/03/2017, 06:00
Well well look how bad the ''Uncharted killer'' sold, first time in my life i'am actually happy (aside terrible games like rambo, duck dynasty) a game sold poorly, this serve as an example how xbox user give rat ass to anything except the same, it's always Halo, Gears of war and Forza, anything new either becomes canceled or don't sell well neither have great reviews, the only last one i can think of that did well was ori and the blind forest, and that was it, my it may sound horrible what i said earlier, but this deserved thelow sales, no one asked for those for those god forsaken live actions, they suck and are boring.
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Mr Puggsly posted 11/02/2017, 10:56
@Mentore - This game wouldnt exist without MS funding it. So if theyre gonna go multiplat they need to find funding and good luck getting the money for a AAA game.
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Mentore posted 30/01/2017, 10:41
You know you can buy them except SO on steam, right?
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pitzy272 posted 11/01/2017, 04:44
Crap I forgot about Ori. That game looks great.
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pitzy272 posted 11/01/2017, 04:43
MS's inclusion of a 4K player in the XBOs got me to buy one. Plan to buy QB once it drops in price. QB, SO, and Cuphead are the non-PS4 games games I've been excited to play.
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