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04/01/98 Blizzard Entertainment
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04/01/98 Blizzard Entertainment

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StarCraft - Summary

A galaxy in chaos...

In the distant future a small group of human exiles have been doomed to fight for survival on the edge of the galaxy. Through military strength, espionage and deceit, a unified Terran government has maintained an uneasy peace. As resources run short, however, these Confederate nations find themselves looking towards the rich worlds of their alien neighbors, the enigmatic Protoss. To further complicate matters, it seems that a previously unknown and deadly species known only as the Zerg has entered Protoss space and is destroying everything in its path. The time for war has come...

  • Intense real-time strategy - As the military leader for your species, you must gather the resources you need to train and expand your forces and lead them to victory. 30 unique missions will challenge you across three different campaigns as you control the fate of the galaxy.
  • Three unique species - Control any of three different species, each with unique units, technologies, attributes, and abilities.
  • Multiplayer mayhem - Multiplayer games for up to 8 players over IPX Networks and®, 4 players with Direct Cable Connection, and 2 players with Modem Connection.
  • Customize - Included Campaign Editor allows players to edit units and create their own campaigns.
  • Additional features - StarCraft boasts award-winning advanced control features, such as waypoints and training queues, to provide enhanced gameplay. In addition to the intuitive interface, StarCraft has the superb graphics and outstanding sound and music that have come to be expected from Blizzard


Shipping Total

11,000,000 Units
As of: May 2009

Opinion (40)

JAVH posted 25/03/2011, 03:43
A classic not requires presentation, a must buy.
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markimsoad posted 26/11/2010, 05:00
splendid, beautiful...
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burning_phoneix posted 22/03/2010, 12:56
Don't hate me guys, this is an amazing genre defining game but it has since been topped IMO.
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FaRmLaNd posted 28/02/2010, 11:53
Best RTS ever released. And its still the best.

Its crazy to think that this game is still selling well (I remember a few years ago Blizzard said it'd nearly hit 10 million).

Now thats legs!
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SmokedHostage posted 11/08/2009, 01:46
One of the best games I ever played in the my life. Though I've spent a dime on this game, I've spend alot of hours playing this masterpiece. If only its sequel wasn't $180.
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HelloMotto posted 29/07/2009, 06:09
The majority of "others" sales probably came from South Korea
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