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05/19/15 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
05/19/15 Spike Chunsoft
05/19/15 Namco Bandai Games

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4,700,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2020

Opinion (25)

haxxiy posted 12/01/2016, 07:47
Console versions are undertracked here @Dadrik. Since it sold 6m on the 1st six weeks and the split was 30/70 between PC and consoles, the numbers for the XOne/PS4 combined should be ~4.2 million for the 1st six weeks, and instead they are ~2.87 million.
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Dadrik posted 10/01/2016, 12:53
One of the best RPGs since like 5-10 years, deifnitely one of the games of the year, and it only reaches 1m after 7 months :/

I wish games like this one were the ones selling 5-6M
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xboxonefan posted 09/01/2016, 04:09
it reached 1 million after so long
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Mr Puggsly posted 02/10/2015, 06:01
@fireburn - Those exclusive marketing deals aren't worth much in my opinion. For example, Black Ops III is gonna sell many copies on X1 well regardless of the Sony's exclusive marketing. Destiny also sold well on X1.

People will buy a game on whatever machine they have. A lot of people interested in Witcher 3 had PS4, so that's the version they bought.

Personally I feel Witcher 3 should have been bundled with every X1 during that period. But MS will have other opportunities to push hardware, like this coming holiday.
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fireburn95 posted 28/09/2015, 02:11
Can't deny though Puggsly, a wasted marketing deal. Microsoft literally advertised this game to the sony fanbase moreso than their own.
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Mr Puggsly posted 03/09/2015, 11:05
Relax, it will get to a million eventually. Surprisingly it seems more X1 users wanted Elder Scrolls Online over this.

I actually bought this digitally but I just havent been in the mood to play it. Now other stuff is getting my interest.
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