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10/21/12 Activision
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10/19/12 Activision

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1 n/a n/a 53,329 7,969 61,298
2 n/a 153,997 35,001 28,241 217,239
3 n/a 69,245 30,018 14,832 114,095
4 n/a 54,755 29,810 12,636 97,201
5 n/a 59,624 38,607 14,678 112,909
6 n/a 138,919 47,451 33,186 219,556
7 n/a 101,468 46,285 24,937 172,690
8 n/a 101,573 61,730 25,887 189,190
9 n/a 119,387 70,737 30,317 220,441
10 n/a 127,915 49,211 30,888 208,014
curl-6 posted 13/05/2013, 03:42
2 million! (Total here hasn't been updated, but click "global" and you'll see) Pretty damn good for a third party Wii game released in late 2012.
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Salnax posted 30/04/2013, 07:25
Over 50% of the game's sales are for the Wii. And with 4 million sales certain, it's possible that the third Skylanders will receive at very least a Wii port.
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Ganoncrotch posted 04/01/2013, 11:37
I think the fact that the Wiiu is 100% backwards compatible tho does still allow the chances for more Wii software to get to the 1million mark, there will be a lot of people considering the Wiiu who didn't own a Wii and would give a boost to some of the older wii games which they felt they missed out on last gen.

As for this game tho.... my god it's like Crack activision found a way of selling DLC to kids, fucking genius... also great game :D
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curl-6 posted 30/11/2012, 12:55
I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo does cut support 100%; they've already said they won't make any more Wii games,. Add to that third party support has dried up, and the Wii U is backwards compatible. I just don't see a future for the Wii passed this December.
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T.Rexington posted 29/11/2012, 05:58
Yeah, I don't see this being the last Wii million seller unless Nintendo cuts the support for the console 100% the way MS did for the xbox. Fact is, Wii is still a sales contender and will probably be super cheap competition to the Wii U until it gets discontinued. Either way, Nintendo is making money off this bad boy and games like Skylanders Giants, Just Dance 4, and Epic Mickey Two are gonna do fine in the sales department once it's all said and done.
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curl-6 posted 09/11/2012, 03:37
Hmm, maybe, but Wii support has been all but dropped already, in a year's time it might be long forgotten by devs.
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