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11/18/12 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
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02/08/13 Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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Scribblenauts: Unlimited - Summary

Now you can play Scribblenauts on your living room TV in gorgeous HD. 

Venture into a wide-open world where the most powerful tool is your imagination. Help Maxwell solve robust puzzles in seamless, free-roaming levels by summoning any object you can think of. Create your own original objects, assign unique properties, and share them with friends online to be used in game or further modified as they like! And for the first time, learn the backstory about Maxwell's parents, 41 siblings (including his twin sister Lily), and how he got his magical notepad.

Source: Official game web page

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 48,470 n/a 10,586 59,056
2 n/a 8,969 n/a 1,959 10,928
3 n/a 12,816 n/a 2,799 15,615
4 n/a 15,662 n/a 3,420 19,082
5 n/a 13,402 n/a 2,927 16,329
6 n/a 4,585 n/a 1,001 5,586
7 n/a 3,960 n/a 865 4,825
8 n/a 1,632 n/a 357 1,989
9 n/a 1,465 n/a 320 1,785
10 n/a 1,949 n/a 425 2,374

Opinion (7)

ExplodingBlock posted 17/07/2014, 09:23
This game was amazing, really hope it is under tracked or did good digitally
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TSNFLD posted 03/11/2013, 08:04
Scribblenauts: Unlimited was an amazing game! So much better than Unmasked, or any IOS version I've played. I picked it up a few weeks back when Future Shop dropped the price to $30, and I can't say I regret it. It's a shame it hasn't sold more then it has.
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digitalnasties posted 19/08/2013, 10:16
You can tell this sites sale chartz are bullshot when the games was never released in the EU and still sell 10,000 copies. NEOGAF was right.
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NoirSon posted 21/06/2013, 11:41
@curl-6: With this game it should be because of translating the spellings and words to match those used in the European region.
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curl-6 posted 29/03/2013, 03:49
I never understood the logic behind gamees and systems being delayed for one region, it often seems to result in worse sales in that region. (Kirby's Epic Yarn in Europe being a prime example)
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sniper989 posted 02/01/2013, 08:06
feb 14th
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