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05/08/12 Sony Computer Entertainment
05/10/12 Sony Computer Entertainment
05/11/12 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 12,750 50,303 9,200 9,624 81,877
2 4,543 20,612 1,682 3,466 30,303
3 n/a 9,779 2,671 2,073 14,523
4 n/a 4,415 1,209 936 6,560
5 n/a 2,269 1,731 735 4,735
6 n/a 1,167 527 294 1,988
7 n/a 789 350 197 1,336
8 n/a 1,259 355 270 1,884
9 n/a 1,936 256 348 2,540
10 n/a 1,693 219 302 2,214

Opinion (38)

think-man posted 11/09/2013, 03:28
This game flopped bad, sucks cause I heard it was really good.
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jayson1 posted 11/07/2013, 05:18
This game is so awesome. The closest game to titanfall and no one even knows about it and how great this game is, very sad. The campaign is just a tutorial but the online is where its at on this game. It's like transformers( hawks, and small mech bots), starship troopers (tanks, are like the bugs from the movie), jetpacks are killer, speederbikes ( like starwars speederbikes). This game is for people who adhd. Theres so much to do with the build and battle format this game ROCKS!
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Horrorfest posted 26/01/2013, 06:05
awful campaign. no wonder why. should have been MP only $20 PSN release. It is on there now but it's too late and it confuses people. Personally with how terrible the campaign is (its a demo) I can't really feel that sorry
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IamAwsome posted 25/11/2012, 02:32
180,000. Ouch. The sad thing is, this game killed Lightbox, and it's not even that bad,
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jayson1 posted 01/09/2012, 07:29
I agree with fauzman where are all the warhawk people who wanted this sequel? This game is ten tiimes better than warhawk. People still play warhawk thats the sad part. The warhawk fanbase will be the only thing that will save this game and christmas holiday otherwise is a failure. What a shame great game.
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fauzman posted 21/08/2012, 05:06
Looks like this game will be a loss for sony. Pity. What the hell happened to all the people who were moaning about a sequel to Warhawk?
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