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メタルギアソリッド4 ガンズ・オブ・ザ・パトリオット


Kojima Productions



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06/12/08 Konami
06/12/08 Konami
06/12/08 Konami

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Metal Gear Solid 4 ~*~ UnReal Critics Review

11th Apr 2009 | 1,639 views 


User Score

Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 9.5
Value - 9.5
A true classic game full of emotional moments, nail biting suspense, incredible visuals & exciting gameplay = an MGS fan's Wet Dream!

This is the first review from UnReal Critics!


The MGS franchise is known for its story which many believe to be one of the best in the industry. It is only natural for us to begin this review with the Story.

Now MGS4's story in a true sense wraps up our beloved hero Solid Snake's life. For the first time we are shown snake's way of interacting in a normal social situation, such as with sonny. Ofcourse we find out that snake can't interact well in such situations which show's us a new dimension to his character.

We are shown naomi's saga wrapped up quite well & ofcourse a side love story is also explored with otacon, which is unfortunately short lived.

Raiden & Rose have a typical romantic movie end to their story as do Meryl & the rookie turned pro Johnny.

The two brother's tale is wrapped up quite well (Snake & Liquid).

It is however disappointing to see Vamp's tale not explained fully to us & it is one of the few side story's of the franchise which still has loop holes. Nanomachines inside vamp do not explain his ability o run on water.

Some defining moments of this final MGS were in Act 3. The final scene here had a full blown MGS drama present, lots of orchestraic music, emotion, guns, evil laughing & so on present. The final scene of Act 4 was similar.

However I am sure many would agree the single best scene in this saga's final game was definetely the microwave corridor scene. Here we are required to tap the triangle button to keep snake moving slowly while being piered by microwave lasers. On a side screen we see the battle taking place at sea. The music here, wrapped with voice overs & the desperation of the situation made it a true marvel of a scene, the best in the whole MGS franchise & maybe in all of gaming!



Definetely the best till Killzone 2 was released. The Detail of the texture was extravagant & yet again we saw that a new MGS when released tops the graphical department easily.



Evolution is good. The gameplay in MGS4 proved this. I never played MGS3's remake so this was the first time an MGS game was being played by me with a proper 3D camera. Oh and the experience was cinematic (which is basically in MGS's veins).

Finally we could shoot without having to press like 3 buttons in an awkward manner. The game truly decided to expand the audience with these set of controls.

The variety of gun's available were the highest in all of the MGS franchise I believe.



This is where the MGS4 experience took a dive, as with all other MGS's the gaming emperor Hideo Kojima failed to add true replay value to the game. Hence bringing down the value overall. But the online mode does help in this department.



MGS4 is a path breaking venture. For me being a huge MGS fan it just about gave me everything I wanted. It gave me an end to gaming's greatest individual, I will not say hero as snake himself prefers not to call himself that. The game provided a huge reason to get the PS3 & it fulfilled every expectation i had.

For me this game is the best ever.



Stay tuned for more UnReal Critic reviews!

This review is especially made for YOU despite me being on a holiday...couldn't resist to give my favorite game a review!

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As of: May 2014

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Rob5VGC posted 03/11/2016, 07:09
We're back at this 5.99 thing, huh?
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Shikamo posted 14/01/2016, 11:37
ops 6M! haha
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Shikamo posted 14/01/2016, 11:36
GM! Deserves this! definitively my favorite ps3 exclusive so far ^^
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Rob5VGC posted 07/01/2016, 02:06
Why is it at 5.99m now? You mean to tell us it was overtracked?
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b00moscone posted 12/12/2015, 12:02
First year sales in Japan "666,006", hide yo kids.
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korn62586 posted 01/12/2015, 07:41
This is one of the BEST games ever made!
I'm happy it'll be (probably by the end of this year) the best selling game in the Metal Gear series.
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