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Zelda no Densetsu 1: The Hyrule Fantasy



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08/22/87 Nintendo
02/21/86 Nintendo
11/15/87 Nintendo

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The Legend of Zelda - Forum

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As of: December 31st, 2003

Opinion (18)

DanneSandin posted 24/01/2012, 01:40
Awesomeness in a box!
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oliist posted 21/02/2011, 01:18
Happy 25th Anniversary!
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quigontcb posted 31/10/2010, 06:49
Such fond memories of tis game. I wish I could know the number of times I played through this game when I was younger.
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Imphamis posted 08/02/2010, 06:50
First game...............and it started my personal greatest franchise of all time.
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Sky Render posted 22/08/2009, 01:36
Jeremy Parish made an interesting point about this game on his site recently: it's essentially the equivalent of one of the original text adventure titles (like Zork), but with a graphical interface instead of a text parser.

And he's right, too: in those games, your progress was more determined by how much you could explore and how much you had gathered, with new acquisitions opening up new possibilities all the time. To distill the essence of the original adventure game model so perfectly into a graphical adventure is both rare and remarkable.
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r4in posted 20/07/2009, 03:03
This is still my most favorite game of all time. I bought the very last copy ever sold at a Toys R Us (first game I ever bought myself). To this day I hope that they make another Zelda game that had the "figure it out yourself" feel that this one had. There weren't people telling you where to go next. You had a world to explore and the rest what up to you. See what you find and see where it takes you. I miss that and hope they do it again. 999/10. =)
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