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Destination Software



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07/05/07 Destination Software, Inc
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08/24/07 Zoo Digital Publishing

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Shoot as many chickens as possible!

The objective of the game is fairly straightforward: shoot as many chickens as possible! There are 4 different kinds of weapons with different firing ranges that are at the player's disposal: standard handguns, shotguns, and machine guns to name a few. Other guns can be obtained by shooting the chickens that carry them across the screen. Climb behind the trigger and help our distressed farmer friend obliterate hordes of no good c1uckers! Great comic sound effects, and catchy original songs to fashion a world where hunting fowl is a blast! Brilliant animation takes you through forests and villages, through deserts and mountains, winging winged adversaries and piling up points.


  • Over 20 levels
  • 4 different weapon types
  • 4 game modes including "Catch an Egg"
  • All levels controlled by Wii Remote™ action


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2 n/a 407 n/a 72 479
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10 n/a 82 n/a 14 96
valen200 posted 19/11/2009, 08:09
We have the bundles in stock. This game refusing to die saddens me greatly. As one of the few people to venture to this particular circle of hell I can honestly say this is the worst game I have ever played on any system. I would take E.T. over this any day.
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valen200 posted 15/10/2009, 08:12
In my defense I was bored and was in a mood for Duckhunt.
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nordlead posted 26/09/2009, 03:08
This game is now re-releasing with a blaster bundle this fall
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Gearbox posted 26/04/2009, 05:50
@ valen200

well i might aswell mock u. ahahahah nah thats mean.

ill let this un readable sentance state it all for me - " ... "
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Ashkihyena posted 06/01/2009, 07:57
Lol, I got this as a present this year.
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TWRoO posted 14/06/2008, 12:00
Wow ioi actually tracked this.

It's got some good legs, took it 10 weeks to drop under 100 from a launch of 385.

Gosh it feels odd writing game sales numbers without the "k" at the end.
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