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06/07/07 Ubisoft
02/28/08 Ubisoft
06/29/07 Ubisoft

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Fight your way through the Wild West, birthplace of the term "shooter." Call of Juarez™ is the only game to give you an authentic look into the Old West and all its glory, through the eyes of the hunter AND the hunted.

  • The very Wild West: As seen in some of Hollywood's most memorable feature films, immerse yourself in the most authentic Wild West environments and scenarios ever experienced, including saloon fights, train robberies, old-time shootouts, and bare-knuckle brawling.
  • Dual gameplay: Play as two opposing characters, each equipped with differing skills, abilities and weaponry. As Billy, use your bow and craftiness to sneak in and out of trouble. As Ray, stop enemies in their tracks with your mesmerizing preaching, only to take them down with your six-shooter moments later.
  • Multiplayer: Shoot your way out of infamous Wild West scenarios in the ONLY Wild West first-person shooter available to play on Xbox LIVE®. Modes include Attack and Defend, Death Match and Retrieval.  
  • Duel to the death: Battle the most merciless gunslingers in the world as you strive to become the fastest draw in the West in the game's exclusive Duel Mode.
  • Weapons and equipment: Saddle up as you take to the dirt roads, equipped with genuine Wild West weaponry and equipment like the standard issue six-shooter, double-gauge shotgun or traditional bow and arrow.
  • Reactive A.I.: Encounter intelligent Old West enemies, each with individual skills, who use their environments to their advantage, employ suppressive fire and work together as a group to shoot you down.



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megaman79 posted 13/07/2009, 11:56
wow, and this gets a sequel. maybe 500k max inc. others.
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MontanaHatchet posted 23/03/2008, 02:54
Is this the Spanish Call of Duty?
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Strategyking92 posted 08/03/2008, 09:35
just now getting released over there?
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