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09/10/98 Sony Computer Entertainment
04/01/99 Sony Computer Entertainment
10/01/98 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Spyro the Dragon - Summary

Gnasty Gnorc decides to make the dragons pay for all of the insults they have directed his way. After dabbling in magic, Gnasty turns the gems that litter the world into his soldiers and changes the dragons into crystals. However, the magic spell missed a young dragon named Spyro. You must guide Spyro through 36 levels spread across six worlds as he tries to free his brethren from their crystalline prisons. To make his way through each stage, Spyro can run, jump, glide, walk, roll, and fly. When he encounters an enemy, he can dispose of them with fire-breath or a charge attack. When the going gets really tough, power-ups upgrade the fire-breath to a fireball or superflames. Try to save the other dragons and return the world to normal in SPYRO THE DRAGON.

Shipping Total

4,832,150 Units
As of: 2007

Opinion (19)

pekkaukkeli posted 21/10/2012, 12:47
I remember when the sales were 4.79 begining in this year
Now its 5.00 million so that means 210 000 buied this game this year
Seems legit.
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Siketus posted 04/08/2012, 04:53
Ahh, so much nostalgia.
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pekkaukkeli posted 02/09/2011, 08:34
Good old times when crash wasnt button smasher
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SOLDIER_Cloud posted 30/01/2010, 01:49
Exellent platformer for its time!
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Kinneas14 posted 12/01/2010, 08:43 too!Beautiful platform made by Insomniac!
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DaColdFlash posted 03/01/2010, 09:54
without this game i never would have been a gamer
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