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05/16/07 Eidos Interactive
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05/30/07 Eidos Interactive

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Unleash hell on the undead in this exciting Arcade style shooter for the Nintendo DS console.
You are Rob Steiner (a.k.a. Prisoner #1809), a man who wakes up to find himself the lone human in a jail teeming with zombies. Players use a deadly arsenal of melee and projectile-based weapons and come face-to-face with the never-ending swarm of zombies, none of whom have avoided the icy cold touch of the undead.
Along the way, gamers use the unique Nintendo DS touch screen to destroy anything - from inmates to prison staff - that stands in the way of the escape route that leads to safety and a new living world. From maximum security prisons to research facilities, from swampland to airport, pickup your shotgun and blast your way through this action packed zombie fest. And for gamers too weak to fight the good fight alone, they can take advantage of the DS Wi-Fi and bring in reinforcements.

Eidos Interactive 

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Venox2008 posted 04/11/2010, 03:53
good game!
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stof posted 11/09/2007, 07:41
I enjoyed my rental. But I had a lot of trouble with the first boss. I'm not sure if the hits weren't registering or if I just wasn't playing it right.

Anyways, my main gripe about the game comes from enemy placement. Sometimes you're guy will walk into an empty room, look left, look right, look left again, look right aga-HEY THERE'S 3 ZOMBIES IN THAT CORNER THAT WAS EMPTY A SECOND AGO!!!
It's quite annoying.
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onevision34 posted 06/06/2007, 01:30
This games rocks !
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