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Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures

Camping Mama + Papa



Office Create



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09/13/11 Majesco
07/14/11 Office Create
11/25/11 505 Games

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Set off on an island camping adventure with Mama, Papa and their two children in Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures! Navigate the wilderness, live off the land and master your survival skills to thrive in the great outdoors. From adventurous activities like rock climbing and spelunking to necessities like foraging for food and cooking your meal, you’ll explore the island and interact with the wildlife as you create lasting memories with Mama and her family.


  • Based on the best-selling Cooking Mama franchise that has sold more than 8 and a half million units in North America alone! Mama now has 8 skus on the shelf and has expanded across platforms from DS to Wii, iPhone and Facebook since the series’ first 2006 introduction.
  • Explore the camp site and island as you play a mix of stylus-based cooking, crafting, treasure hunting, and action mini-games in the signature Mama format.
  • Play through 38 levels with 100 brand new mini games as Mama’s son or daughter with either Mama or Papa on hand to provide guidance.
  • Participate in activities including rock climbing, swinging on jungle vines, spelunking, rowing a boat, tree climbing, and more.
  • Use items in mini-games to survive in the woods - craft a fishing pole to fish, sharpen knives and axes with stones you’ve collected, make a fire to cook shellfish you’ve caught, cook the eggs collected from captured chickens, set up your tent to sleep in, construct a net to catch butterflies, and much more!
  • Experience nature in a variety of settings, such as the Forest, Mountains, and Seas in day, night, snow, and more!
  • Find treasure that you can use in further adventures or to decorate your camp.
  • Earn the highest achievement level by creating the rarest and strongest tools
  • Collect insects, fish, treasure, and more, then survey your collection in your scrap book. Aim to find everything!
  • Shake trees and move rocks to access hard to reach areas that could be filled with treasure or more activities.
  • Perfect mini-games you’ve unlocked in Challenge Mode


Majesco Entertainment

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