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Doctor Lautrec to Boukyaku no Kishidan






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12/13/11 Konami
07/07/11 Konami
11/25/11 Konami

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Enter 19th century Europe and the world of Doctor Jean-Pierre Lautrec. He's a brilliant, eccentric, sarcastic professor with little or no friends but a healthy obsession for solving mysteries. One day, a woman named Marie visits Lautrec bearing a curious gadget. The mysterious map that the gadget displayed seemed to point the way to a fantastic hidden treasure belonging to Louis XIV of the House of Bourbon, a dynasty that had collapsed a century earlier. As they search for the treasure, they find themselves targeted by a mysterious man named Vidocq. They are blocked at every turn by the Knights of the Iron Mask, a mysterious group of men with iron masks and claws. And then they must fight the Treasures Animatus. Work as Doctor Lautrec, aided by his perky and emotional sidekick Sophie, to unlock the mysteries within and search for the lost treasure of Louis XIV. Search for clues, solve puzzles to unlock new mysteries and gain more information as the quest continues. The story is told in both 2D and uses the power of the 3DS in 3D to enhance game play giving gamers the ability to look around for clues like they're in the game. Journey through single player Story Mode or link up with up to 4 players in Treasure Hunt Mode to collaborate and compete against each other. Immerse yourself in the world of Doctor Lautrec where mystery and adventure can be found around every corner.

  • Utilizes the Nintendo 3DS technology allowing fully immersive game play experiences in both 3D and 2D adventures
  • Journey through more than 20 hours of interactive, puzzling game play
  • Includes as many as 250 different brain teasing puzzles to solve
  • Solve spot the difference puzzles, drawing puzzles, puzzles that require the gamer to search the environment for clues, matching puzzles and many more each with increasing difficulty, to find the answers to the next adventure
  • Uniquely complex characters will engage gamers through a robust story



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kleinanzeigen posted 11/12/2011, 12:58
Good game - really ^^
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Salnax posted 04/07/2011, 08:36
Does anybody think this might be well received?
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