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"Oh yeah, it's still tricky."

By CaptainHavok 27th Mar 2012 | 4,425 views 
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A modern day reinvention of one of the most critically acclaimed arcade franchises of all-time, EA SPORTS SSX will allow players to experience the franchise’s signature fun and adrenaline-packed gameplay across iconic mountain ranges all over the world. Watch this video to catch up on everything you need to know about SSX, then check out the game features in more detail below.

[ Explore ]

Explore every drop in the massive world of SSX. Set your fastest time on Race Drops, post your highest score in Trick Drops, and descend as far down the mountain as you can in Survival Drops. Once you’ve set a personal best, a ghost of your run will be uploaded to the SSX universe. You can challenge your friends’ ghosts to earn in-game credits, or let your ghost rake in the credits for you, even while you’re away from your console. Ongoing competition with friends on your own schedule is the core experience of Explore Mode.

[ RiderNet ]

Inspired by the incredible Autolog engine from Need for Speed™, RiderNet is SSX’s recommendation engine. It will allow you to ‘like’ your favorite drops, recommend new drops to you, recommend new friends for you, point you to drops where your friends are competing, and much more. RiderNet acts as your guide through the online world of SSX.

[ Global Events ]

Constant global competition at every drop point in the SSX universe against real people in real-time. Events can last for a single run, hours, or even days, with your friends and closest competitors phasing in and out of your immediate surroundings at all times. Compete in multiple events at the same time - post a score in one event then jump in to another and move up or down the leaderboards even after you turn off your console.

[ Trick it ]

Defying the laws of reality, SSX enables players to pull off tricks that would make even the World’s greatest snowboarders sick to their stomachs. With a trick system and levels designed to deliver trick opportunities at every turn, linking your combos is a must for posting record-setting scores. Fill your Tricky Meter to unleash your favorite Uber tricks!

[ Survive it ]

A new gameplay element inspired by big mountain snowboarding, SSX asks players to survive some of the most treacherous descents on earth. Challenged by the power of Mother Nature, players will have to survive avalanches, white outs, freezing cold temperatures and much more as they make their way down these natural boss battles.

[ Race it ]

Way beyond your typical racing experience, SSX allows players to experience intense high-speed races down huge open mountains with multiple paths and no invisible walls to hem the player in. Challenge a friend in Explore, or take on the whole world in a Global Event.

[ A Massive World ]

From Antarctica to Africa and the Himalayas to the Alps, players can navigate a Google-Earth inspired globe and drop into nine of the most iconic mountains ranges and regions on the planet. Using NASA satellite topographical data and our proprietary Mountain Man development tool, each of these iconic mountain ranges have been built, then exaggerated, to deliver a gameplay experience that is true to SSX.

[ SSX Characters ]

Favorite characters, as selected by the fans, make their return to SSX along with some new faces joining the franchise. Roster includes: Elise, Mac, Kaori, Psymon, Moby, Zoe, Griff, Ty, Tane, Alex, Eddie, and the first real-world snowboarder ever to be a playable character in SSX - Travis Rice.

Source: The official website

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Opinion (9)

[PACT] posted 15/05/2015, 02:51
Hope to see a sequel soon. I don't want to wait another 7 years (5 years if you count SSX Blur) for a proper SSX game.
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Kresnik posted 08/04/2013, 10:17
I really wish this had sold better. Underneath the horrible deadly decent design, this is actually a really great game. Keeps true to the SSX roots in trick & race events. The whole series never really got the sales it deserved.
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-girgosz- posted 17/03/2012, 12:32
Great sales!
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SvennoJ posted 08/03/2012, 09:20
Disappointing after the demo. Wingsuit platform jumping and deadly descents are no fun at all.
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AndrewWK posted 05/03/2012, 11:38
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PlaystaionGamer posted 04/03/2012, 11:18
great game!
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