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11/14/01 Tecmo
02/22/02 Tecmo
03/14/02 Microsoft

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Dead or Alive 3 - Summary

Dead or Alive® 3, the latest installment in the popular fighting series from Tecmo, is available exclusively for Xbox. Dead or Alive 3 offers a host of new features, including new characters, lighting effects, muscle and clothing movement, interactive environments and more. Players can choose from a variety of new and returning characters to engage in hours upon hours of frenzied fighting. Up to four players can battle it out in multiplayer mode while single-player mode offers many expansive levels to explore.

  • Multi-faceted environments: Dead or Alive 3 boasts the most expansive fighting environments ever created. Multi-tiered settings enable challengers to move throughout multiple areas within a specific level, and interactive environments feature destructible scenery that adds to the action. Varying terrain such as mountains, slopes, and sand dramatically affect gameplay.
  • Realistic physics and graphical detail: A dynamic physics engine and life-like character models provide a stunning degree of realism. State-of-the-art clothing and muscle animation bring vivid detail to each encounter. Dramatic lighting, shadows and reflections work together to create a compellingly realistic experience. Revolutionary water effects seen in puddles, ponds and oceans enhance already jaw-dropping gameplay environments.
  • Character enhancements: New characters such as Hitomi and Christie square up against old favorites like Kasumi, Lei-Fang and more. New costumes, moves and reversals take the deep fighting engine to the next level.
  • In-depth game features: Improved story mode immerses you in a compelling story told through enhanced cinematic movie sequences. Up to four players can battle it out in an intense multiplayer mode. Intriguing multiple game endings present a powerful game finale that changes with each character.

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2,040,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (13)

jerseyboy609 posted 02/09/2008, 08:45
Loved this game
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SpartanFX posted 14/07/2008, 03:18
o man I love this game ,,,I hope dead or alive franchise find its way to the PS3 .I would kick anyones ass in this game on my xbox.
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insomniac_dog posted 29/06/2008, 05:37
This is the best selling Xbox game in Japan, included Xbox 360 sales. Then its DoA4, then Halo 2 and 3 respectively.
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syzegy posted 17/03/2008, 08:14
Lotta eye candy O_o loved it.
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X-Man posted 21/02/2008, 07:10
Sloppy game
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Duke Of Darkness posted 01/12/2007, 07:51
Great fun game with such low score *sigh*
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