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ナイツ コントラクト


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02/22/11 Namco Bandai
07/07/11 Namco Bandai
02/25/11 Namco Bandai

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Knights Contract - Summary

Set in the days when a healthy paranoia about witches was considered normal, Knights Contract follows the twisted tale of Heinrich, an immortal executioner, and Gretchen, a resurrected witch. Once the victim of Heinrich's blade by the order of the game's antagonist, Dr. Faust, Gretchen now has him under her control as the two must work together to rid the land of the supernatural foes who are cursing its people with the black spell of death.

Armed with a razor sharp scythe and explosive witchcraft, players will use these tools with spectacular effects in order to return civility to the land. As players succeed in their journey, they can deal tremendous damage to their on-comers or unleash a gruesome finisher by coordinating the efforts of Heinrich and Gretchen. However, players must also keep a close eye on Gretchen as her mortality is the key to the duo's survival as Heinrich can never be vanquished. It's time to let the combos fly and lay waste to the hordes of darkness with a liberal dose of medieval panache.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 2,610 n/a 390 3,000
2 n/a 701 n/a 105 806
3 n/a 678 n/a 101 779
4 n/a 642 n/a 96 738
5 n/a 766 n/a 114 880
6 n/a 901 n/a 135 1,036
7 n/a 590 n/a 88 678
8 n/a 348 n/a 52 400
9 n/a 374 n/a 56 430
10 n/a 418 n/a 62 480

Opinion (4)

mjk45 posted 24/08/2011, 04:18
another under $20 Australian buy
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yahoocom1984 posted 06/04/2011, 05:34
BOMB so HARD, shitty game, shitty sales
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Icey7 posted 06/03/2011, 09:18
The reviews really put me off this game. However, I just finished Knights Contract. and I thought it was actually really good. I prefer the combat system in this game to many other hack and slash titles I have played, it has a decent story and it really does not feel like an escort mission game. The only complaint is the boss quick time events do not give you enough time to press the buttons and punish you for getting them wrong which makes some of the boss battle quite annoying. If you were thinking about playing this before it's worth giving it a try unless your terrible at quick time events.
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Capell posted 05/03/2011, 11:04
OMG! That's what I call a BOMB!
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