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アサシン クリード ブラザーフッド


Ubisoft Montreal



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PC, X360, PSN

Release Dates

11/16/10 Ubisoft
12/09/10 Ubisoft
11/19/10 Ubisoft

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Owners: 339
Favorite: 36
Tracked: 16
Wishlist: 28
Now Playing: 15

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Extras

No extras available for this game

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 353,952 n/a 52,889 406,841
2 n/a 168,698 n/a 25,208 193,906
3 n/a 85,422 n/a 12,764 98,186
4 34,712 92,235 n/a 13,782 140,729
5 8,124 109,452 n/a 16,355 133,931
6 4,244 136,011 n/a 20,323 160,578
7 4,711 58,607 n/a 8,757 72,075
8 4,368 29,487 n/a 4,406 38,261
9 2,855 24,729 n/a 3,695 31,279
10 2,375 20,929 n/a 3,127 26,431

Opinion (60)

asqarkabab posted 10/07/2015, 04:25
The best ac game
Much much better than the boring blagflag
ezio trilogy the best
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Dante_6667 posted 13/03/2014, 04:00
They really should fix the numbers for Europe.
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TrevDaRev posted 04/01/2014, 08:18
Seems like a big chunk of this games European sales have disappeared. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
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markimsoad posted 19/11/2011, 11:40
top 50!!! 52 weeks after launch on Emeaa charts. A Huge classic ever like assassins creed revelations!
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