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幻想水滸伝 I & II





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02/23/06 Konami
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Suikoden I + II is a Role-Playing game, developed and published by Konami, which was released in Japan in 2006.

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1 12,537 n/a n/a 12,537
2 4,543 n/a n/a 4,543
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Opinion (4)

whatz3rname posted 28/06/2009, 10:51
Yeah, I think so. Dammit, I really want this! Better start learning japanese then...
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9900zero posted 27/05/2009, 06:54
I think KONAMI committed a great error by not bringing this to the US and Europe, where this games are so rare nowdays. At least they posted Suikoden I in the PSN...
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outlawauron posted 10/08/2008, 07:08
Yay for Suikoden. It was at 20k, but finally made it to 30k.Good for it.
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Sky Render posted 25/01/2008, 04:05
The greatest pity of this game combination is that Konami expected it would do as poorly in the US as it did in Japan, and thus eschewed releasing it here. Which of course would not be the case, given that they printed all of about 5 copies of the original releases of these two games in America, and they go for $80 apiece on eBay on a good day...
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