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Project Sylpheed

Project Sylpheed

プロジェクト シルフィード


Game Arts / Seta Corporation



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07/10/07 Microsoft
09/28/06 Square Enix
06/29/07 Microsoft

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Immerse yourself in the story-driven world of Project Sylpheed™. Developed exclusively for Xbox 360™and produced by famed game publisher Square Enix (Final Fantasy), the colorful arcade-style space combat game will leave you breathless with its intense action and vivid graphics.

If the beautifully animated characters and environments don’t catch your eye, piloting the fully weapon-customizable fighter ship through exhilarating battles with swarms of enemy ships and immense vessels will.

  • Immersive storyline: Project Sylpheed features a deep storyline that revolves around the growth and maturation of the main character, Katana, who is torn from his friends as a result of political circumstances. Project Sylpheed has over 50 minutes of beautiful, engaging, dynamic and cinematic cut-scenes between intense battles, providing context to the intergalactic struggle linking good and evil. 
  • Intense intergalactic space combat: Pilot futuristic starfighters into swarms of enemies, strategically relying on your wingman and squadrons to successfully complete missions. Project Sylpheed challenges you to hold your own against enemy battleships and fortresses hundreds of times the size of your starfighter.
  • Customizable starfighters: Utilize the killer technique system with 50 different customizable weapon combinations to equip your advanced Delta Saber starfighter. An arsenal of offensive and defensive techniques are available for you to map to your gameplay style, including the ability to fire all weapons at once or use slow motion to avoid enemy fire. If you're an experienced pilot, you can also learn to execute difficult technical maneuvers to evade adversaries, including 180-degree turns and strafing.
  • Evolving next-gen gameplay: Based on the classic arcade side-shooter Silpheed, this next installment, Project Sylpheed, evolves the futuristic space combat gameplay into the next generation. Exclusively on Xbox 360, Project Sylpheed takes advantage of the processing power of the console to generate enormous maps and hundreds of enemy spaceships, all in beautiful 3-D. 



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Michael-5 posted 17/06/2013, 04:11
I love this game, and I'm not married or plan to have kids. LOL. This was a really under appreciated title, but as amazing as it is, it's really really short, so I understand why not too many people spent $60 for this. Still, people who are reading comments on this game which is 6 years old at the time of my comment, it's worth spending $5 on easily. This is what Starfox HD would have been like, and it's just a great game to have.
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Altitude posted 06/05/2010, 12:22
Best Anime Space Combat Simulator of all time. Nothing comes close to this. Unfortunately the people who loved games like this are likely married with kids and have no idea it exists.
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LordMatrix posted 08/08/2009, 05:38
On a another note this game has a very enjoyable story IMO. This game has a bit of a learning curve but once you get the weapons that can lock on to dozens of enemies at once the game really gets going. My second play through was a blast compared to my first one way more because of the game allowing you to continue with your purchased upgrades.
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LordMatrix posted 08/08/2009, 05:36
it sold 20 thousand in japan though platinum hits in japan have been messed up. games that didn't sell big are there and games that are there but sold well worldwide are not platinum anywhere but japan. its completely screwed up over there.
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Egghead posted 17/12/2008, 06:32
... in Japan that is
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Myviewing posted 29/10/2008, 02:08
Wikipedia says that the game sold enough to get into the Platinum Collection.
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