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11/01/11 Aksys Games
07/22/10 Marvelous Interactive
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Developed by Imageepoch and TYPE-MOON, Fate/EXTRA takes place in the Fate/Stay Night universe and features a cast of new characters and fan favorites, a unique battle system, and a grand story of destruction, absolution, and deep insight into what it means to be human. Some of the features of Fate/EXTRA include:

Intuitive Battle System: Using Block, Attack, and Guard Breaks in combination with Special Moves and Magic Spells, players will need to plan their attacks to emerge victorious from battle.

Engrossing Story: Written by the creator of the original Fate series, Kinoko Nasu, the game's story will not only appeal to long time fans of the Fate universe, but also to RPG fans looking for a deep, non-formulaic storyline that delves into mature themes as loyalty, death, love, and what it means to be human.

Extensive replay value: Multiple story paths, each with their own dialog trees and character interactions, will let the player experience the story from several different perspectives.


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Total Sales
1 69,782 n/a n/a 69,782
2 12,180 n/a n/a 12,180
3 3,294 n/a n/a 3,294
4 1,579 n/a n/a 1,579
5 848 n/a n/a 848
6 591 n/a n/a 591
7 552 n/a n/a 552
8 475 n/a n/a 475
9 412 n/a n/a 412
10 364 n/a n/a 364

Opinion (7)

SaberSaurus posted 13/03/2012, 12:58
Holy crap! North America sales surpassed japan's?!?
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Sousou posted 17/11/2011, 11:22
At this rate, the American sales of the game will either rival those of Japan or even slightly surpass it. Either way, let's hope it sends a message to Type-Moon to pay more attention to it's overseas audience.
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Sousou posted 17/11/2011, 11:15
@ Biosonico The reason why this game sold well was because Fate/Stay Night has a fanbase here. How else would the game sell? Most major retailers won't stock JRPG so that shows ya just how dedicated the fans are. :P
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biosonico posted 16/11/2011, 09:25
I'm very very surprised on how good the american sales for this low profile jrpg on this dying console.
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outlawauron posted 07/11/2011, 05:10
oh wow. maybe we can get more fate/stay over here now. O_O
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leatherhat posted 07/11/2011, 04:35
Holy shit. I thought I was looking at the Japan chart for a second.
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