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FlowerWorks: Follie's Adventure


Nocturnal Entertainment Australia



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12/07/09 Nocturnal Entertainment
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11/26/10 Nocturnal Entertainment

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(from the press release)

In Flowerworks, the player takes the role of Follie – a friendly (but confused!) alien who crash lands on the mysterious planet Elilia, whilst transporting a cargo of Flowerworks seeds to her Aunty.

As Follie ventures away from the wreckage of her ship, she finds the planet to be unacceptably lacklustre and her self-confidence is shattered! She must explore the planet, rebuild her confidence, and unravel the mysteries of Elilia. By recovering her seeds and growing Flowerworks, she can transform the planet from drab to fab!

Flowerworks is a child friendly, pick-up-and-play title that will appeal to the entire family. The game is designed around the strengths of the Wii.



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Opinion (6)

Hephaestos posted 27/05/2011, 08:57
got it, it is a nice little concep, and I appreciate the 2P, that should be a nice game to play with the GF :p (Gears and RE are a bit too gorry for her tastes ^^)
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TWRoO posted 31/12/2010, 03:32
Finally got it... not had a chance to play yet as I got hydroventure (or fluidity) at the same time, but i'll post mythoughts when I do.
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bazmeistergen posted 28/11/2010, 11:29
Good game Shams. Just got it.
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Cheebee posted 30/01/2010, 03:31
I'm definitely getting this. Looks crazy fun.
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Soma posted 21/01/2010, 10:12
I'll buy this game soon
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shams posted 14/09/2009, 11:29
Added a bunch more screenshots from the WiiWare version - hope you like them!
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