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11/10/09 Sony Computer Entertainment
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10/30/09 Sony Computer Entertainment

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BUZZ! Quiz World - Summary

The BUZZ! franchise is back and better than ever with the series’ encore performance on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, BUZZ! Quiz World. Developed by Relentless Software, BUZZ! Quiz World provides an ultra-realistic quiz show experience, putting you and your friends in the contestants’ seats.

BUZZ! Quiz World for PS3 allows players to define their BUZZ! quiz experiences exactly how they want with several new customization and personalization options. Players can choose to play a short or long game and they can even select the round types and question topics.

BUZZ! Quiz World for PS3 tests players’ trivia talent with over 5,000 new questions, enhanced online multiplayer “Sofa vs. Sofa” action, and exciting new rounds and characters, all in a glitzy new TV-studio setting. Utilizing the fun and easy-to-use BUZZ! wireless Buzzers helps players to top off this totally immersive quiz show experience.


  • BUZZ! puts you at the heart of the show – With hundreds of player names to choose from to create your own personal profile, BUZZ! now gives commentary in the game about you, your family and friends and how you’re playing!
  • Make the game you want to play – Choose the rounds you want to play, the subjects you want to answer and make the game you want to play in the most customizable BUZZ! quiz game yet.
  • BUZZ! Quiz World for PS3 features over 5,000 new general knowledge questions including hundreds of pictures and videos.
  • New rounds and new contestant characters add more fun to your quiz. Send your friends into the goo in the new ‘Over the Edge’ round, or prey on your opponent’s knowledge in ‘On the Spot.’
  • Take on friends and family with 8 player local multiplayer quizzing.
  • Go online with the enhanced ‘Sofa Vs. Sofa’ mode and challenge the nation, or the world!
  • Download extra premium quiz packs exclusively from PlayStation Network and extend your quiz experience.
  • Create your own quizzes with MyBUZZ! about any topic imaginable and add them to your game. The quizzing now need never end!
  • Get Your BUZZ! Face On’ with PlayStation®Eye support – Take pictures during your BUZZ! games at key moments and relive your highs, lows and glorious victories!

--Fact Sheet

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a n/a 7,781 7,781
2 n/a n/a 8,603 8,603
3 n/a 6,272 8,716 4,012 19,000
4 n/a 3,632 8,536 3,486 15,654
5 n/a 5,890 14,315 5,811 26,016
6 n/a 3,408 18,711 6,838 28,957
7 n/a 4,323 21,388 7,892 33,603
8 n/a 6,071 26,348 9,854 42,273
9 n/a 7,931 24,903 9,701 42,535
10 n/a 2,870 14,387 5,302 22,559

Opinion (14)

Colocho posted 24/12/2011, 08:32
Wish they made another Buzz game!!.. Great game to play with the kids
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Boutros posted 18/04/2011, 05:55
OMG YES! They added EMEAA sales! :) Sold good!
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gunslinger posted 20/12/2010, 04:23
Love this game. has it really sold so few copies?!
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ElGranCabeza posted 15/01/2010, 04:11
@nordlead This game sold 1212 1st week in Others and is tracked there
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Boutros posted 11/01/2010, 12:24
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Boutros posted 29/12/2009, 10:23

But Buzz! Quiz TV had a first week of 34k in others...I can't believe it's below 5k for this game. And it ended up selling 500k in others...
I hope ioi will take the time to had the numbers for others.
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