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05/25/10 Atlus
11/12/09 Atlus
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Long ago, Norvia the Goddess of Creation, descended from the heavens. Using the Holy Vessel, a divine chalice charged with all Force (the spiritual energy in the universe), she created life, and for a while, all was good. Then, Delgaia, the God of Destruction, brought about a great calamity known as the Gods' Remorse, intending to return all Force to the Holy Vessel. But Delgaia was defeated and sealed away deep within the earth. Norviat hen made a covenant to restore Berge to its former beauty on the condition that when the Hour of Judgment came to pass, the world would have to decide its ultimate path: creation or destruction.

- A rich, two-sided Fantasy adventure--approximately 50 hours of engaging RPG play.

- Smooth and streamlined with quick, stress-free battles, flexible strategy, and virtually no load times.

- Approximately 20 minutes of anime movie cutscenes.


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Opinion (3)

Iveyboi posted 14/07/2011, 03:53
Deserves soo much more Loved this game!
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MLight80 posted 31/10/2010, 04:10
I really enjoyed this game! If you like JRPG's on your PSP you should think about it.
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oliist posted 07/01/2010, 10:15
Hopefully the US version will contain more voice acting than the japanese one.
Most scenes I have seen on Youtube aren't containing any VA.
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