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09/22/09 Warner Bros. Interactive
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10/09/09 Warner Bros. Interactive

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In Scooby-Doo! First Frights, players put their sleuthing skills to the test solving puzzles, combating enemies and collecting clues before unmasking each mysterious villain. After solving each mystery, players can use unlockable character costumes for Scooby-Doo, Fred, Velma, and the rest of the gang to access new areas in every level.

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1 n/a 8,849 n/a 1,562 10,411
2 n/a 3,682 n/a 650 4,332
3 n/a 2,771 n/a 489 3,260
4 n/a 3,070 n/a 542 3,612
5 n/a 3,609 n/a 637 4,246
6 n/a 4,158 n/a 734 4,892
7 n/a 4,726 n/a 834 5,560
8 n/a 5,100 n/a 900 6,000
9 n/a 4,792 n/a 846 5,638
10 n/a 11,887 n/a 2,098 13,985

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atma998 posted 09/03/2016, 01:17
...0.98M. Moving slowly to 1 million.
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atma998 posted 07/09/2015, 04:30
0.95M, not bad for a Scooby-Doo game.
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AngryAztec posted 17/04/2012, 08:29
For those still on the fence about this one, let me tell you that it's the best Scooby Doo game I've played. And I had to play a lot of them because I have a niece who loves Scooby and I got her a lot of them and played them with her. Now with this game, it may lack in story (some other Scooby games have a more fancy plot and cutscenes) but it makes up in gameplay. It basically plays almost exactly like the LEGO games (Batman, Star Wars, etc.), where you beat up baddies and collect items along the way. You unlock new costumes and characters to play as. Unfortunately, the sequel on Wii plays differently and it's way too short and not as fun. So get this game instead.
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Shadowfest3 posted 27/09/2009, 10:32
I want to get this because it looks like it could be fun. I am a Scooby Doo fan and I love the cartoon and movies. I guess it makes me feel like a kid again...lol.
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Wildvine53 posted 23/09/2009, 09:53
This game is a suprising find, and alot of fun
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