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Tottoko Hamtaro 2: Hamchans Daishuugou Dechu

とっとこハム太郎2 ハムちゃんず大集合でちゅ





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10/28/02 Nintendo
04/21/01 Nintendo
01/10/03 Nintendo

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Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! - Summary

Hamha! You're gonna smoochie this mega-Q adventure for Game Boy Color. We hampact! What? You don't speak Ham-Chat? Allow us to translate: Hello! You're gonna love this big adventure for Game Boy Color. We promise!

Hamtaro and his hamster friends are always ready for a big adventure, and now the entire Ham-Ham gang is gearing up for a great new game for Game Boy Color. In Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!, you guide Hamtaro in a quest to locate his missing friends. Along the way you'll meet Boss, Bijou, Cappy, Snoozer, Jingle and many more of Hamtaro's best friends.

Hamtaro explores the Clubhouse and the outside world, interacting with other Hamsters and learning new Ham-Chat words. There are over 80 Ham-Chat words for Hamtaro to learn throughout the game, which he uses to locate his friends, solve puzzles and more. If you forget what a particular word means, you can always look it up in your Ham-Ham Notebook!

As you explore Hamtaro's world, pressing the A Button brings up a menu of Ham-Chat words. It's up to you to figure out which word you'd like to use. If Hamtaro is standing by a tree, for example, you could choose "tack-Q" to roll into the tree or "scoochie" to climb it.

Choosing the correct word or combination of words to say to other Ham-Hams is the key to finding Hamtaro's missing friends. Each of Hamtaro's Ham-Chat words is accompanied by a different animation. That's over 80 unique animations just for Hamtaro!

While Hamtaro scurries around looking for his pals, he can hiff-hiff (translation: sniff) here and there to uncover hidden Sunflower Seeds. Hamtaro can trade his Sunflower Seeds for different articles of clothing, and then try on his new duds at the Ham-Ham Clubhouse. When you pick out a new outfit for Hamtaro, he'll be wearing it on the title screen the next time you turn on the game.

Between exploring sessions, Hamtaro can take a break and Ham-Jam. As Hamtaro learns new Ham-Chat words, he also learns new dances to perform at the Clubhouse. You can choreograph your very own Ham-Jam dances and watch Hamtaro boogie!

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! is a must-play for Hamtaro fans, but even newcomers to the Ham-Ham world will have a blast learning new Ham-Chat words and interacting with new friends.

Make yourself blissie! Gorush and minglie Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite! You won't meep-P it (to translate, you'll have to become a Ham-Chat expert by playing the game)!




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spurgeonryan posted 20/12/2011, 06:42
What is it!
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tehsage posted 24/10/2009, 04:27
i loved this game
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