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Colin McRae: DiRT 2





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X360, PS3, PSP, DS, PC, PSN

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09/08/09 Codemasters
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09/11/09 Codemasters

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DiRT 2 - Summary

DiRT 2 features exciting action-sports attitude and takes players on a World Tour from Iceland to Japan, LA to London and beyond.

Designed from the ground up exclusively for Wii, DiRT 2 supports all major Wii compatible controller systems, including the Logitech steering wheel, and allows up to four friends and family to play together in split-screen, perfect for party race gaming. Featuring a killer line up of officially licensed rally and off-road vehicles, players take on a range of different disciplines set over 40 events at nine global locations including Rally, Raid, and Rallycross - with impressive visuals, big event atmosphere and rewarding handling.

DiRT 2 - a new breed of brilliant off-road racing. Taking the very best of real-world off-road racing as its inspiration, DiRT 2 mixes adrenaline-charged, contemporary action-sports event atmosphere with sublime racing to deliver a stunning arcade experience on Wii.
Take it on tour! DiRT 2 will take players on a World Tour to compete in over 40 exhilarating events set in diverse and challenging real-world environments. From arena events set at the iconic Battersea power station in London and races set in exotic locations like Iceland, Japan and Ethiopia, the world becomes the player’s off-road playground.
Race the world’s hottest off-road vehicles. Players get behind the wheel of best-in-breed vehicles like the Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Nissan 350z, Hummer H3.
Conquer traditional game modes and new challenges. DiRT 2’s extensive career mode include both circuit and point to point racing, and is complimented by an arcade mode for instant race thrills and a challenge mode featuring 20 trials, where players are rewarded for performing jumps, power sliding and high speed runs.
Perfect for party play, DiRT 2 delivers accessible 4 player split-screen head-to-head play.

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 5,227 6,313 1,950 13,490
2 n/a 2,461 7,173 1,602 11,236
3 n/a 2,136 6,427 1,423 9,986
4 n/a 2,068 5,377 1,240 8,685
5 n/a 1,840 3,666 922 6,428
6 n/a 1,918 2,925 814 5,657
7 n/a 2,425 4,383 1,142 7,950
8 n/a 2,867 3,968 1,152 7,987
9 n/a 2,585 3,488 1,024 7,097
10 n/a 2,290 3,026 897 6,213

Opinion (11)

primogen18 posted 06/06/2011, 05:42
I guess this was their big "test". Wii gamers didn't buy this shitty port so "wii gamers don't want racing franchises"
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cwill12 posted 24/12/2010, 01:26
quantum theory
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fazz posted 21/01/2010, 02:51
What was Codemasters thinking? This looks worse than the Colin's on Xbox 1... this has no work in it.
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averyblund posted 01/10/2009, 06:19
Yeah not that confirmation is need but this game is a turd.
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javiermarega posted 19/09/2009, 07:27
what a piece of trash, codemasters take us by idiots or blinds, the graphics are awfull.
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whatz3rname posted 19/09/2009, 11:34
Just awful.
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