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Shin Sangoku Musou



Omega Force



Release Dates

10/25/00 KOEI
08/03/00 KOEI
11/24/00 THQ

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An Age of Legends brought alive with the thrill and speed of action and the depth of simulation. The age of true battle is about to begin!

This is a new type of action game that allows you to relive first hand the experiences that made these men and women the Warriors of the Three Kingdoms. Brandish your weapons of war as you forge a path into enemy lines and scatter all those who have the courage to face your might. Guide your troops to victory and power. Watch as the lives of these heroes of the Three Kingdom spread before you.

  • BRINGS BATTLES AGAINST WHOLE ARMIES TO LIFE! The original Dynasty Warriors presented the world of the Three Kingdoms in a one on one fighting game. In Dynasty Warriors 2, the detailed movements and actions remain but the scope has grown, where you never really know how many you will have to fight. Along with normal special attacks, battle is done from horseback or with a bow, all as the various situations demand.
  • YOUR JUDGMENT SWAYS THE COURSE OF BATTLE! Guide your men to victory through a number of famous battles. You are given a number of commands to fulfill: Take the enemy fortress, capture the enemy commander, and others. It is not enough to simply kill everything that moves. You must remain aware of battle conditions, know where the enemy lines are thinnest, know how your own lines are faring, etc. Based on this, you must take the best action for those circumstances to fulfill your goals. The allure of Simulation is combined with the thrill of action to bring to life this strategic battle game.
  • BATTLEFIELDS AND ARMIES ON A GRAND SCALE! The battlefields and battles that gave birth to the romanticism of the Three Kingdoms, battles like Guan Du and Chi Bi, are represented on battlefields of over a square kilometer. Over a thousand officers and men can be found carrying out various plans that will cause you to be attacked from all sides and when you least expect it.



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oliist posted 30/01/2009, 03:37
Because the linking is set automatically when a game with the exact same spelling enters the database and doesn't break even if the name of one of the linked games is changed.
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ironmanDX posted 29/09/2008, 10:22
How come this game is linked as another verson of the PSP game Dynasty Warriors Vol.2, completly diffrent games...........
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Strategyking92 posted 15/07/2008, 05:36
such a great game... and then... koei whored the series....
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