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09/08/09 Eidos Interactive
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09/11/09 Eidos Interactive

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Mini Ninjas - Summary

In MINI NINJAS you play as Hiro, a young trainee Ninja and the last person that would be expected to go and save the world. Yet that is exactly what happens!

When the Evil Samurai Warlord, with the help of an ancient magic, turns forest animals in to an army hell bent on world domination, Hiro must lead his small band of Ninjas on an exciting journey through a disintegrating world, to battle the magical hordes of twisted Samurai and eventually confront the Warlord in his Fortress of Doom.

The journey to the Fortress of Doom is long and dangerous adventure that will take Hiro and his Ninja friends through a big exciting world which varies greatly, from bamboo forests, to snowy mountains, with treacherous castle interiors and flooded valleys. They will be challenged like never before and need to use their ninja skills, potions, magic and to defeat evil. Prepare yourself for a Ninja adventure like you have never seen before!

Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 4,114 4,911 1,525 10,550
2 n/a 2,606 7,117 1,619 11,342
3 n/a 2,719 7,357 1,678 11,754
4 n/a 3,027 7,004 1,674 11,705
5 n/a 3,122 5,739 1,485 10,346
6 n/a 3,227 5,070 1,394 9,691
7 n/a 3,288 4,746 1,353 9,387
8 n/a 3,406 4,552 1,342 9,300
9 n/a 3,025 4,365 1,245 8,635
10 n/a 3,141 4,222 1,241 8,604

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gumby_trucker posted 06/01/2011, 06:40
what kind of game is this?
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sep85dd posted 13/03/2010, 06:30
I love this game, so much good moments are in it, it deserves much higher sales.
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Fededx posted 10/02/2010, 07:37
I'm glad this game sold better on Wii than the HD counterparts, it seems to be a great game, I'm actually about to buy it. I love the graphic style and I hope the development team gets some money out of it, at least out of the Wii version, and decide to make a Wii exclusive sequel with the same gorgeous ideas and improved graphics :)
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spurgeonryan posted 28/12/2009, 06:00
anyways this got amazing ad time. I even saw it on a copy of a bakugan dvd I bought for my boys like a month ago. Wierd. glad it sold better than the others even the ds version!
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spurgeonryan posted 28/12/2009, 05:59
thanks tube82
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spurgeonryan posted 28/12/2009, 05:58
thanks tube82

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