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10/26/04 Tecmo
11/03/04 Tecmo
02/18/05 Microsoft

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Dead or Alive Ultimate - Summary

Tecmo’s esteemed development group Team Ninja has created the ultimate Dead or Alive fighting experience. Dead or Alive® Ultimate™ packages the original Saturn version of Dead or Alive™ with a completely redesigned Dead or Alive™ 2 for the Xbox video game system.

And, now—for first the first time ever on any console—gamers can enjoy 3-D fighting online! Both games are XboxLive™-enabled, giving players the chance to test their fighting skills against a vast community of highly competitive gamers across the globe.

  • Xbox Live compatibility: Dead or Alive Ultimate will be the world’s first fully online 3-D fighting game for home gaming consoles. By using the highly advanced online capabilities of Microsoft’s Xbox Liveservice, Dead or Alive Ultimate will feature a multitude of online features and play modes, creating the world’s largest online community of fighting game fans.
  • “Ultimate” Dead or Alive: In 1997, the original Dead or Alive was released on the now classic SEGA Saturn, pushing its processing power to the absolute limits. The original Dead or Alive has long been considered one of the greatest masterpieces in the series, but it was never released in the North American Territory. Now, the graphics of the SEGA Saturn version, beautifully crafted by Tecmo’s Team Ninja to be the most advanced at that time, make their first appearance on the Xbox—perfectly rendered, of course.
  • “Ultimate” Dead or Alive 2: Dead or Alive 2 is one of the most popular fighting games of all time, bringing in more than $2 million in sales since its inception in 2000. Now, it is ready to explode back onto the gaming scene as part of Dead or Alive Ultimate. Exquisitely redesigned on a brand new engine, it boasts amazing new interactive environments that are made possible by the incredible power of the Xbox. Gorgeous crystal-clear graphics, new fighting moves, and never-before-seen costumes are also combined to create the ultimate in fighting games.
  • Special Collector’s Edition packaging: For a limited time, Dead or Alive Ultimate boasts the ultimate in packaging with the Special Collector’s Edition two-disc set. Collectible trading cards, which feature the characters of the games and their special moves, are also included as an added bonus.
  • The truth behind Dead or Alive: The new Dead or Alive Ultimate features never-before-seen episodes from the characters’ pasts, revealing new details about each character. These new movies feature unbelievable graphics that will leave fans in awe. These movies will finally answer questions such as the reasons for Ayane’s birth and the meaning of the flower in Kasumi’s ending.
  • New costumes: Dead or Alive Ultimatealso features a plethora of brand-new costumes, from sexy patriotic garb for Tina to spins on some of the traditional costumes. After all, outfitting the Dead or Alive girls before they fight is half the fun!
  • Exclusive bonus content and secrets revealed:Special bonus content and other secrets will be revealed closer to the time of launch, so stay tuned!

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thewastedyouth posted 24/06/2012, 10:27
amazing game, you can buy it NEW from amazon for like 10 bucks!!!!
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vykk8930 posted 14/08/2009, 03:29
I love this game, LOVE IT!!! Wasted so many hours unlocking all of the costumes.
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Myahon posted 24/11/2007, 03:29
DOA 1 and the best version of 2 all optimized for the box? What's not to love? I am serious it deserves a perfect 10.
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