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Cool Boarders - Exciting Snowboard Game



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12/31/96 Sony Computer Entertainment
08/30/96 UEP Systems
01/01/97 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Imagine riding down the slopes, avoiding the trees and trying to hit the jumps. When you catch enough air, you grab your board, twist, and land a perfect 180 Japan. All of the action and excitement of snowboarding comes to the PlayStation in COOL BOARDERS. Choose from several different riders and 10 boards, and then hit one of the five courses. On each track you can earn three different trophies: one trophy is awarded for getting down the hill in the quickest time; catch big air to pull off big tricks like the misty, rodeo, and 1080 mute to earn the highest trick point trophy; or win the final trophy by getting the highest total score, which is based on both time and trick points. If the competition seems a little rough, race against the ghost from your last run and find a smoother line down the mountain. All of the action in COOL BOARDERS will keep boarding bums busy for days.

8 Rippin' CD Sound Tracks & 2 dynamic playing perspectives that intensify the experience.
Snowboard racing, the ultimate in downhill excitement! Four extreme courses with jumps, drops, tunnels, ice and powder snow. Alpine and Free-style boards let you go for undiluted break-neck speed or outrageous mid-air stunts; or try 'ghost racer' mode and go head to head with the coolest of the cool.

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dizzydee_011 posted 16/04/2011, 08:22
Co0o0o0o0o0o0ol BOARDERS
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Soriku posted 10/06/2008, 05:43
I actually liked this game >_> lol
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