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02/09/10 2K Games
03/04/10 D3 Publisher
02/09/10 2K Games

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Step back into the unforgettable world of Rapture in BioShock 2, the next installment in the franchise that has won more than 50 Game of the Year Awards. Developed by 2K Marin, 2K Australia and Digital Extremes, BioShock 2 provides players with the perfect blend of explosive first person shooter combat, compelling storytelling and intense multiplayer.

Single-Player Features

  • Evolution of the Genetically Enhanced Shooter: Innovative advances bring new depth and dimension to each encounter. New elements, such as the ability to dual-wield weapons and Plasmids, allow players to create exciting combinations of punishment
  • Return to Rapture: Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock, the story continues with an epic, more intense journey through one of the most captivating and terrifying fictional worlds ever created
  • You Are the Big Daddy: Take control of BioShock’s signature and iconic symbol with the original prototype Big Daddy, and experience the power and raw strength of Rapture’s most feared denizens as you battle powerful new enemies
  • Continuation of the Award-Winning Narrative: New and unique storytelling devices serve as the vehicle for the continuation of one of gaming’s most acclaimed storylines

Multiplayer Features:

  • Genetically Enhanced Multiplayer – Earn experience points during gameplay to earn access to new Weapons, Plasmids and Tonics that can be used to create hundreds of different combinations, allowing players to develop a unique character that caters to their playing style.
  • Experience Rapture’s Civil War– Players will step into the shoes of Rapture citizens and take direct part in the civil war that tore Rapture apart.
  • See Rapture Before the Fall – Experience Rapture before it was reclaimed by the ocean and engage in combat over iconic environments in locations such as Kashmir Restaurant and Mercury Suites, all of which have been reworked from the ground up for multiplayer.
  • FPS Veterans Add Their Touch to the Multiplayer Experience – Digital Extremes brings more than 10 years of first person shooter experience including development of award-winning entries in the Unreal® and Unreal Tournament® franchise.


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1 n/a 132,041 86,152 52,018 270,211
2 n/a 58,114 25,696 18,820 102,630
3 n/a 32,362 11,993 9,709 54,064
4 5,640 23,367 7,857 6,471 43,335
5 1,984 17,537 8,668 5,684 33,873
6 1,099 13,368 6,804 4,391 25,662
7 777 9,610 5,203 3,250 18,840
8 631 5,919 5,435 2,668 14,653
9 522 5,828 3,567 2,093 12,010
10 630 5,227 2,165 1,569 9,591
gamingpotato7 posted 01/12/2014, 02:02
Bioshock 1 was better, but this one kept the fun gameplay with all the powers and great fights. 8/10
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SolidGear3 posted 18/11/2011, 03:40
Damn good game. I love anything BioShock. 10/10.
Message | Report
EdStation3 posted 12/09/2011, 03:00
Wow, this is a sight improvement over the first one, which was amazing itself. Can't wait for Infinite.
Message | Report
MARCUSDJACKSON posted 17/08/2011, 03:16
didn't fill like Bioshock
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mjk45 posted 10/07/2011, 12:57
11,000 in EMEAA july 2 week not bad
Message | Report
yahoocom1984 posted 24/06/2011, 10:19
with the sales of fallout new vegas, we can see that bioshock is still not as big as fallout franchise
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