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BLEACH バーサス・クルセイド


Treasure Co., Ltd.



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12/18/08 Sega
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niksta2 posted 27/06/2009, 07:03
seriously, why don't they make good bleach fighting games for x360/ps3, just look at Ultimate Ninja storm, why isn't there any equivalent that is that good for bleach, I mean, it's just as popular
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arsenal009 posted 09/03/2009, 06:05
The anime may be at different places in Japan & America.
It took the DS version of Bleach about 1.5 yrs to come to NA. This will prob come as well, but in a while.
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Frinaldo posted 31/01/2009, 06:30
is this coming to the US?
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Phoenix_Wiight posted 27/01/2009, 08:50
@ deathcape

who gave Bleach a bad rep? from what I've seen it's been extremely popular, especially at conventions
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deathcape posted 27/01/2009, 02:41
bombed in japan? does anyone know how well Bleach did?

it's GREAT for a franchise with a bad rep and an anime game too..

the highest selling anime game I know sold 400k in JP (counting imports) and this isn't even done selling

I just got it and HOLY SHIT

DBZ:BT3 should have been like this!! same for NUNS

they both lack where this game excels: gameplay

it's pure fast action like the anime..everything REAL TIME

no stupid cinematics!!! the best EVER


it's pretty damn good..
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Exblackman posted 26/01/2009, 05:03
Would anyone like to share friend codes for this game? Just wondering, keep getting my ass kicked by the japanese players.
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