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Bandai Namco Games



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02/19/09 Namco Bandai
02/19/09 Namco Bandai
02/19/09 Namco Bandai

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Noby Noby Boy - Summary

Offering a unique play experience from one of the video game industry’s most creative minds, NOBY NOBY BOY gives players complete freedom to create gameplay suited to their tastes. As BOY, players can eat and spit out nearly everything they encounter in the game, from people and animals to trees and buildings, helping them to gain length as they stretch their elongated body. Players can control BOY’s front and back ends using the PLAYSTATION 3 controller’s two analog sticks, allowing for incredibly detailed movements such as tying themselves into knots or threading BOY through holes in clouds. NOBY NOBY BOY allows players to record video footage as they play and upload it directly to YouTube™ for easy viewing.

Delivering a new and innovate approach to online gaming, NOBY NOBY BOY lets players collaborate to unlocks new game stages. As players stretch BOY in their individual play sessions, the lengths to which they grow are uploaded to a persistent character known as GIRL, who grows at the same rate of all the players in the world. GIRL starts at Earth and expands through the solar system as more games are played and BOYs from all players continue to grow. When GIRL reaches a new milestone in the solar system, these areas are unlocked as playable stages in the game for everyone around the world.

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Opinion (14)

Webstar70 posted 25/10/2009, 12:28
i dont even know what to say about this game, it''s.. different....
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Aj_habfan posted 09/08/2009, 09:30
This game is crazy. I would have been mad if it had no trophies, but the trophies at least give you something to do and make it fun for a while.
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FootballFan posted 25/05/2009, 07:09
Hi there I was wondering if you would be interested in game trading? I have Rag Doll Kung Fu and if you dont have it am more than willing to let you go first in a trade. Its your call. If you dont want to thats obviously fine. Thanks for reading!
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HanzoTheRazor posted 13/05/2009, 04:38
7.5/10 A very quirky game.
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oliminator1994 posted 16/04/2009, 01:54
i would love this game but the problem is im 14 and dont own a credit card so i oviously cant get it.
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Theo posted 14/03/2009, 05:17
I actually keep coming back to this game soo much! It's great fun :D
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