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07/31/98 Interplay
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Belong to the Concord, an alliance of alien races, of which humanity has only recently joined. They provide the technology and weapons of war. We offer the traits that set us apart from every other race in the Concord - aggression and the talent to wage war. Against the Sheevat, it may not be enough.

The Sheevat's DNA is ancient and pure. An upstart race, the humans, have threatened our home and our existence. To protect what is ours, we will destroy them. We will grow our children as weapons. We will spread our life. We will terminate this human species and return to our sleep.

  • Set up to 9 spy cams to follow units, give orders or monitor different locations around the map. View different parts of the world simultaneously. Detailed 3D terrain adds realism by affecting line of sight and movement. Fluid zoom levels allow you to survey the battlefield and view the conflict from high in orbit or down to the ground.
  • Adaptive AI so wicked and sneaky, no mission or campaign will ever play the same way twice. Indigenous life forms roam the land and possibly help or hinder your missions.
  • Tilt your view of the world from top down all the way to 60 degrees. 3D Parallax scrolling adds to the realism.
  • Multiplayer Action lets you compete with up to 6 players via LAN, hotseat, TCP/IP or our free, fully integrated Internet matching service. Serial and modem options also available.
  • Over 80 land, sea and air units that can be upgraded to create thousands of variants. You are in complete control of your units thanks to intelligent formations, waypoints and unit specific commands. Unit personalities and morale change as they experience victory and defeat.
  • Built-in scenario editor allows you to create your won missions. Select your own victory conditions.
  • Three ways to play: real-time, turn-based, or simultaneous turn-based action. Variable game play speed adjustment for additional customization.

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