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Wild ARMs: 2nd Ignition

ワイルドアームズ 2nd イグニッション





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04/30/00 Sony Computer Entertainment
09/02/99 Sony Computer Entertainment
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Filgaia is faced with a new crisis. The people who are struggling to keep world peace establish the Awkward Rush & Mission-Savers (ARMS). Three young heroes join as members of the ARMS in the search for peace. And so the journey begins.

From the producers of Legend of Legaia, Wild Arms 2 offers an intricate and rich story line that plunges players into an epic adventure full of impassioned characters, intense action, strategic battles, and powerful magic. While this sequel to the popular Wild Arms is still set in the world of Filgaia, it stars a completely new cast of characters. This new generation of heroes recalls the past game's crew, as the spunky Ashley, lovely Lilka, and banzai Brad recast the party roles from the first game. These three make up the ARMS team, or Agile Remote Mission Squad. Graphically, this sequel outshines its predecessor, featuring a polygonal field screen, the ability to rotate the camera, and more detailed characters. RPG fans that complain about too many random encounters will enjoy the new Encounter Canceling System. Players can also assign Personal Skill points to their character with every level up, allowing a level of customization absent from many console RPGs.

New Features:

  • Improved graphics, with a fully rendered 3D world including 3D towns, maps, and dungeons
  • Intriguing story line, intelligent puzzles, and strategic battles
  • Camera that can be controlled and positioned for the best views
  • Fantastical 3D turn-based battle scenes
  • Extremely action-oriented: run, jump, pick up items, use tools, throw items, place and ignite bombs, and more
  • Select from three different characters, each with unique abilities
  • Greater character animations and greater detailed enemy characters
  • Help feature guides players through the commands in the game
  • Highly compelling soundtrack
  • Customization options including control functions, camera angles, cursor position in the command, item-selection screens, screen saver on/off and stereo or mono settings for the background music

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Kresnik posted 11/08/2012, 01:40
I wonder where VGChartz is getting the figures for this. I am 99% certain it has never been released in Europe.
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