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Hajimete no Wii



Nintendo EAD



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02/12/07 Nintendo
12/02/06 Nintendo
12/08/06 Nintendo

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Wii Play - Summary

Wii Play consists of nine games:

  • Table Tennis- Move the Wii remote left or right to hit the ball back and forth.
  • Laser Hockey- It is, essentially, Air Hockey played with a Wii Remote.
  • Fishing- Simple fishing game where you use the Wii Remote to hook and yank a fish from a pond.
  • Find Mii- Players must pick out certain Mii from a crowd of Miis in a limited amount of time.
  • Pose Mii- Use the Wii remote pointer to move a Mii into falling bubbles, and use the A button to change its pose.
  • Shooting Range- Use the Wii remote to shoot targets on the screen.
  • Billiards- Use the Wii remote as a pool stick to play a game of Nine Ball.
  • Charge!- Use the Wii remote as a steering wheel to guide your Cow through a course.
  • Tanks!- Use the Nunchuck attachmen or the Wii remote D pad to move a tank on screen, while using the pointer to shoot at enemies.

These can all be played by 1 or 2 players.

The biggest draw with Wii Play is the fact that it is bundled with an extra Wii Remote. It is perfect for people who are looking to pick up an extra controller.

The games are very simplistic. The ones that require the most strategy are Tanks! and Laser Hockey. Shooting Range is remeniscent of Duck Hunt, and games like Find Mii and Pose Mii make use of a multitude of Mii characters, including ones of your own creation.

Overall, the game is most enjoyable when played with a friend

Shipping Total

28,020,000 Units
As of: March 31st, 2019

Opinion (107)

Darwinianevolution posted 18/04/2016, 08:19
It reached 29m after all these years.
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atma998 posted 26/12/2015, 05:51
Now at 28.95M, on track to reach 29M.
Message | Report
S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:02
Nintendo says 28.02m as of september 30.

Actually overtracked by a million.
Message | Report
atma998 posted 19/11/2014, 11:38
28.83M in total, quite impressive!
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Kai Master posted 14/01/2012, 06:31
Too bad nobody posted sales number on January 1st 2011 so that we could know how much it sold in 2011.
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atma998 posted 13/01/2012, 11:29
28.50M. Wonder how much it can sell in the end.
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