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10/23/07 Microsoft Game Studios
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10/26/07 Microsoft Game Studios

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The Xbox Live arcade Compilation disc includes the following arcade games:



UNO® is the classic party card game that's number one for family fun! Compete against three other players to match colors and symbols, go Wild with special command cards such as Skip and Reverse, and be the first to play all your cards.

Add-on theme decks offer new art and new card effects, keeping the game fresh and challenging. So connect with friends, choose your favorite house rules, and get ready to shout "UNO!"


-Feeding Frenzy

Slurp, gulp, and crunch your way all along the Frenzy Coast in Feeding Frenzy™! The rules here are simple: Eat anything that's smaller than you and swim clear of everything else. The more you eat, the bigger you get, and the bigger you get, the closer you come to taking on the fearsome Shark King.

Starfish bubbles don't help you grow, but they’re an easy way to boost your score. Oysters offer up bonus points in the form of pearls, but be quick or the shell could snap shut with you inside! Nibbling on the tail of a patrolling barracuda is a risky way to earn extra points—he can turn on you in an instant. And the jellyfish—well, it's best to swim clear of them altogether.

Did you know that tuna can swim up to 50 miles per hour? Or that a parrot fish can change its gender? Feeding Frenzy includes more than four dozen fascinating fish facts like these—one between each game level.


-Luxor 2

Set, the Egyptian god of chaos, again threatens the Two Lands, and you must save Ancient Egypt from his terrible wrath in Luxor 2. Wielding the powers of Isis, battle your way across Egypt. Use your mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres and destroy encroaching colored spheres by making matches of three or more. Stop them all before they can reach the pyramids.

Unleash the powers of Isis by catching falling power-ups. Collect gems and jewelry for bonus points, or Golden Ankh coins to earn extra lives. Defeat Set in his temple stronghold or Egypt is doomed!


-Boom Boom Rocket

Boom Boom Rocket™ is a rhythm music game where you detonate beautiful fireworks in time to remixed classical music. Of course it's not quite that simple though! Balance your combo multiplier while exploding different colored fireworks with the appropriate button presses. Two players can battle head to head as the music gets faster every time you loop through the track … eek!


-PAC-MAN Championship Edition

PAC-MAN returns in this enhanced version of the all-time classic videogame! PAC-MAN Championship Edition™ brings you back to those classic days of pizza parlors and arcades with the first brand new mazes released in more than 26 years. Think you can break your old record? With mazes that dynamically change shape during play, new timed game modes, and high-definition graphics, it's time to experience the evolution of PAC-MAN and play the Championship Edition now!

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zaven007 posted 02/03/2009, 09:30
it's wrong info. There are 5 full games in this disc - Uno, Feeding frenzy, luxor2, boom boom rocket and pacman!
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Strategyking92 posted 03/12/2008, 12:54
Anyway, great collection, but by far the best game is UNO.
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Strategyking92 posted 26/08/2008, 02:20
Sorry, couldn't find any real boxart, but you can see the disc compilation in the lower right on this pic!
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