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11/11/08 Warner Bros. Interactive
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11/07/08 Warner Bros. Interactive

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Break records in your living room in a variety of stunts inspired by actual records found in the book. Compete in 36 wild and unique stunts as you take on family, friends and all challengers in your attempt to be the best! Go online and compare your score with players from all over the world, are you the world record holder? If you are the best, you could get listed in the official book of Gunniess World Records.

  • With more than 35 different stunts based on real Guinness World Records, the whole family or a group of friends have a shot at becoming a record breaker
  • Get listed in the actual Guinness World Records archives by earning the highest worldwide score on any stunt
  • Travel the world to compete in crazy record-breaking stunts such as - Fastest Time to Crush Watermelons With Your Head, Fastest Time to Eat a Plane, Fastest Time to Shear a Sheep, and many more
  • As you explore the globe, stand on specific hot-spots to reveal interesting facts about records that have been broken in that location
  • Personalize your quest with your own customizabe avatar
  • Collect fact cards and record breaking certificates on the campaign to become a record breaker
  • Earn GWR Coins by performing well in record attempts and use them to buy items from the GWR Supplies Shop to gain access to more events

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2 n/a 18,222 15,767 5,783 39,772
3 n/a 23,756 24,840 8,236 56,832
4 n/a 37,429 42,389 13,506 93,324
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DieAppleDie posted 08/06/2013, 01:07
lol, this outsold Conduit 2, Red steel 2 and FFcc The crystal bearers altogether.........not funny

talk about demographics.....and rampant piracy
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atma998 posted 12/08/2012, 07:19
and 1 million at last!
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atma998 posted 17/03/2012, 04:06
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atma998 posted 31/12/2011, 02:13
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Arfen posted 04/11/2011, 11:29
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atma998 posted 02/09/2011, 10:01
977k... seems it won't reach the million mark after all :(
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