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10/01/97 Acclaim Entertainment
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03/09/01 Acclaim Entertainment

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Constructor - Summary

    Constructor takes the empire building and resource management of the best simulations and adds to it a strong dose of character interaction, humor, and strategic competition.

    Take the role of a real estate developer in a race to build up and manage resources, properties, environments, and human interaction, while trying to outperform and destroy rival development firms. With up to 4 player game play on a network or head-to-head modem action.


  • Detailed Graphics: incredibly detailed animations / graphics bring the world to life, animation sequences with rendered graphics provide close-up detail and individual interaction

  • Unprecedented game play depth lets you control entire worlds across the scope of the land down to the last human character

  • Dual Levels of Interaction:

    • Management/Global - This provides the framework for financial planning and resource management

    • Personal/Hands-On - Control the individual characters that execute your plans

  • Enormous cast of characters:

    • Undesirables - Hippies, psycho clowns, burglars, and mobsters, among others, who act as a de facto standing army and can be deployed against the competition. Gamers can picket and shut down opponents factories and "rub out" important personel.

    • Desirables - Police, builders, foremen, tenants and others who build up the city and create the community, in addition to defending against undesirables sent by your opponents.

  • Combines elements of sims/strategy with the boards games Risk and Monopoly

  • Humorous and unique circumstances create worlds with realistic and hilarious situations:

  • Four player network game play along with head-to-head modem play.


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aavidbacon posted 07/07/2009, 02:36
Loved this game, great fun and inventive. Sending the thugs to destroy an enemy residence, or the hippie was great fun. Hope someone remembers this game and release a sequel.
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