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Milestone Shooting Collection: Karous Wii



MileStone Inc.



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02/02/09 UFO Interactive
04/10/08 Milestone
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Packing three great titles into one disc, this collection of shoot em ups contain some never before seen titles that are sure to please casual and hardcore fans of this genre! The Ultimate Shooting Collection is a must have for fans of the arcade shooter and brings the classic arcade feel to your living room!

Ultimate Shooting Collection Key Features:

  • 3 Unique and Distinct Shooters in One – Each shooter in this collection has a unique, never before seen play mechanics that separates it from the competition. This is the ultimate value and a shooter fans dream come true.
  • Graphics – Each titles has great graphics that makes good use of the cell-shaded look, along with impressive bullet layouts that are visually stunning. The title is easy on the eyes for good reason as there will be countless number of bullets to keep your eyes glued to the screen.
  • Gameplay – The included titles are all challenging in that players must perform a delicate balancing act between achieving a high score and staying alive. With unique gameplay mechanics specific to each title, and some that sets these shooters apart from every other arcade shooter in existence, you dont just play this shooter, you try and master it.
  • Lasting Appeal and Options – Each title contains multiple options for the player, including 2-3 different ships which boast different weapons and special moves. If mastering one shooter takes a while, prepare a good chunk of time to perfect each one of these masterful shooters!

Ultimate Shooting Collection website

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1 n/a 861 n/a 152 1,013
2 n/a 355 n/a 63 418
3 n/a 219 n/a 39 258
4 n/a 252 n/a 44 296
5 n/a 252 n/a 44 296
6 n/a 229 n/a 40 269
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8 n/a 295 n/a 52 347
9 n/a 332 n/a 59 391
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Opinion (8)

ferret1094 posted 01/02/2009, 04:33
Any news on a European release?
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striderhiryu posted 28/01/2009, 05:35
Buy from Amazon TO MAKE THE NUMBERS COUNT!!!! (do NOT buy games used, those numbers don't count, and buying used DOES NOT help the game companies to give us more like this)

Chaos Field, Radilgy, and Karous!!!!!!!!

tell others to BUY THIS GAME!! We need to show support so MORE are released like this!!

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DOLBYdigital posted 18/01/2009, 11:12
This game is coming out soon for US and includes the sweet dreamcast game Karous (crow).
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nordlead posted 09/01/2009, 04:23
Actually, I think those are Japanese sales in the America column
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Commando posted 08/01/2009, 04:04
LOL. Absintee buyers?
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Daileon posted 07/01/2009, 07:24
This game have sales numbers... But it isn't released yet!
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