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Sonic World Adventure



Sonic Team/Dimps Corporation



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X360, PS3, PS2, XBL

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11/18/08 Sega
12/18/08 Sega
11/28/08 Sega

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1,600,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (166)

DarkRPGamer007 posted 11/04/2014, 12:41
This is why Sega should become a second party. Their only game that sells is Sonic (be realistic) and once in a while Super Monkey Ball will land a million, all on Nintendo
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NintendoFanDj posted 19/01/2012, 10:01
did better than all the other version GREAT Sonic rules on Nintendo system
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oniyide posted 08/11/2011, 06:41
it sickens me that a game this crap sold so well, it sickens me even more that i contributed
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atma998 posted 21/07/2011, 02:49
Now at 1.81M maybe this game could reach 2M after next holiday season.
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OmegaRugalv3 posted 10/07/2011, 11:23
Probably because it is on sale
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Conegamer posted 04/06/2011, 02:13
Great game, simply let down by those DAMN WEREHOG STAGES!!!
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