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Zelda no Densetsu: 4tsu no Tsurugi+


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06/07/04 Nintendo
03/18/04 Nintendo
01/07/05 Nintendo

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The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures - Summary

The Legend continues on Nintendo GameCube in an all-new epic adventure for one to four players. Fusing cooperative and competitive action, Four Swords Adventures features a unique gameplay system that incorporates both the television and the Game Boy Advance.

When you enter a building or dive into a cave, your character switches from the TV to the Game Boy Advance. When you emerge, the frantic action shifts back to the big screen. To thwart Vaati's nefarious forces, you'll have to master new skills and techniques never before seen in the Legend of Zelda series.

Long ago, a valiant hero defeated an evil wind demon known as Vaati and imprisoned him with a magical seal. Over the ages, the seal weakened. Now, Vaati has escaped and abducted Princess Zelda and the six Shrine Maidens. To thwart Vaati's vile forces, legendary hero Link turns to the mystical power of the Four Sword to split himself into four colored copies of himself. The four Links embark on a quest to collect Force Gems and save Princess Zelda. Their journey will take them through enemy-infested lands and puzzle-plagued dungeons.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Four Swords Adventures is that it seamlessly fuses many elements from past Zelda games into an all-new adventure. Zelda veterans will recognize items, characters and enemies from Zelda classics like Link's Awakening, A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker and more. This game really is a dream come true for any Zelda fan.

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures is a massive Zelda masterpiece that's just as fun for a single player as it is for four adventurers. The Legend continues on June 7, 2004!



  • Up to four players can link their GBAs to the Nintendo GameCube to join a fun and frantic competition for Force Gems and special items while cooperating to move massive blocks, trigger switches, and slay mighty bosses.
  • Explore eight massive worlds in the Hyrulean Adventure mode, or fight your friends in Shadow Battle mode until only one Link remains!
  • A rich single-player mode allows you to assume control of all four Links and command their every move by seamlessly switching between battle formations.
  • A high-resolution, top-down play perspective features dazzling visual effects like vivid colored lighting, silky-smooth water ripples, swirling smoke, and stylized weather effects.
Source - Nintendo press release:;title;1

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S.Peelman posted 18/05/2014, 11:41
According to Wikipedia it sold 127k in Japan; so 937k (0.94m) in total. I was right in the previous comment, but I don't know why I suddenly felt the need to look this up :-/ .
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S.Peelman posted 28/02/2014, 01:09
No Japan sales? Well, probably wouldn't have reached 1m with them, worst selling Zelda game and only one to not reach a million.
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Pillow posted 15/12/2013, 09:25
Really fun to play with your friends, music is great and graphics were good. I just hope we get some kind of sequel in full HD.
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Fededx posted 07/07/2012, 05:41
I loved the art style, and the game was fun too. Amazing to play with friends!
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JazzB1987 posted 28/04/2011, 09:10
Graphics = great sound/music=great gameplay = repetitive. Its no zelda you cant find stuff you can keep every lvl you play you loose everything found before its just WHO CAN FIND MOST RUPEES how dump
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Wickedshyn posted 29/12/2009, 11:24
I love this game and im only in the second world.
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